Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, April 22

Baby baths and baby bubbles! All 8 of the kittens had baths yesterday. They smell so good! But it doesn't take long to get mussy again--they're at the stage where walking thru the food makes it yummier! 

The 8 bunch are just all hyper! They are now in Cat's Corner. It's almost impossible to get in the room without a few of them squirting out the doorway. They are just so tiny. They run about for 10 minutes then they're ready to nap and nap and nap. They are developing their own personalities. Francis is the braveheart. Carla Mae and Genevieve are snugglebums. Mathew Scott can go like the wind on those tiny legs. 

We had more of the big move yesterday. Jemima and her 5 babes are now in June's Room.  The empty cabinet makes a perfect place for blankies. A little step-up for the kittens and they can go in and out as they please. They are starting to eat a bit by themselves and doing pretty good about it. They have a lot more room and are now enjoying playing together. Fantasia likes to sneak up on the feather toy. Jessie enjoys being fussed over. 

The 4 golden kittens look huge next to all the babies! It's so sweet, many times after a vigorous playtime they seek each other out for cuddlenap time. All 4 of these little ones are super sweet.

We have some big thanks to give!
Betz--9 cases of Friskies and 9 cases of baby food
Aunty Fi--donation in honour of the 1st birthdays of Catsparella's babies--Fiona, Sammie, Meg, Patches, Archer, Kenco and Kiko, to be used for medical expenses.
Vicki B--a wonderful surprise Easter basket full of chocolates--soooo good!
Laura S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Neil and Jean S from OH--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Phil/marmytoo and Judy/judyeanlee--Sunday visitors--TP, PT, paper towels, green cleaner, Lysol TB cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles BR cleaner, Sheba (salmon & whitefish), Friskies can and misc pens/paper/post-its

Our new comer, Oriah will be arriving tomorrow. After a couple change of plans, I believe tomorrow is the day! Chris/dewitty will be picking Oriah up in Wisconsin tomorrow morning  and will probably arrive here at FFRC late afternoon. She'll keep us posted during the day how things are going. We will start Oriah out in the back Thumper's Room where she can get to know us all and become comfortable. This is a special cat. She has been at the same rescue as their mascot for 7 years, ever since she was a baby. We need to make sure she is helped with this transition. 

Felicity had a cold. Poor baby. But, she's feeling better now. I am so pleased with how playful she is becoming. She's such a beauty with a sweet personality. Putter is feeling better too. It's easy to see that he is aging, but he's doing so gracefully.

Today will be a busy day here at FFRC:
Gustwiller's will be coming to bury the gas line from Jenna Radar to the propane tank.
Dion may be coming to start the footers for the Shelter House.
Surveyors will finish the job of staking out the property.
Our next guest, Julie will be arriving.
The hay and straw delivery will come for the big red barn.
Possibly a company may come to drag our clay-rock-dirt where the sewer line was put in so we can plant grass seed. 

Canton is here sleeping on my desk. She has the most gorgeous face (other than Zelda's of course!). Seymour is cruising about, looking for his milk ring toy. Found it for him--he's already got it in his mouth! There are 8 cats lined up on the low cat walk looking out the open windows in the Kitty Kabana Room. They love having the windows open! 

Please reach out and ask a friend or neighbor if you could help get their cat spayed or neutered. Even ONE spay/neuter will help.
Myth: But my cat is so special, I want a kitten just like her.
Fact: Your cat's kittens have an unlikely chance of being a carbon copy of your pet. Even professional breeders cannot make this guarantee. There are shelter/rescue cats waiting for homes who are just as cute, smart, sweet and loving as your own.