Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29

The little ones are out quite a bit now. Jemima's babies are stronger and running more and more. They are also eating very well by themselves. The Menard kittens and Dora's kittens are a wonderful blend together. They are out much of the day. I know we are having a bit of trouble with a couple of the cats being a bit rough with them.  This is something that we're working on. Don't want any babies to get hurt. 

Smallisha has been coming into the Main Area for beginner-cruise-abouts. Thursday has been up in the Main Area more than not the last couple days. She seems very contented.  She has also gone into heat. Dr. Darcy and I are trying to get a date that works for our next surgery day. 

Cutie is doing wonderful. She has her full fur coat and has a wonderful FFRC belly, even if it's on the small side! She spent quite a bit of time on my desk yesterday!  Farrah is once again on my desk today--she's napping in the sunshine that's coming thru the door.  It's beautiful outside right now. The birds are singing. Possible severe thunderstorms later today. 

We had BOXES last night! YOU are all appreciated!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--kitty card. For the Catathon--baby boy items by George--such cute clothing, especially the little Taz Camo jacket!
Dewitty--for Catathon: 3 framed gorgeous pictures from Easy Street Studios of Florida. One is donated by the Studios for the Catathon! These are absolutely beautiful pictures!
Beth/Eaglewatcher---kitty gate !, 2 sleeves natural Balance, 2 cases Natural Balance tubs and a case of max Cat adult.  We're trying to find something that Jemima likes! Also a very nice tote/purse with 2 smaller pieces that match for the Catathon.
Great Aunt Julie/tiger cat from IA--for the volunteers--2-20 count bags of chips, cookies and 2 bags of candy bar varieties
Jatcat from CA--2 Thermal kitty houses for the Covies--they love these & 2 orange cutters
Pat & Ellen--1800 paper 6 inch plates
Shari/sillysticks & Valerie--for the Catathon--2 bottles of their local BBQ sauce and 2 for Steve too!
Leah P from CT--donation in memory of Kay Elkins
Pat, our Volunteer--$250 from Walmart for her volunteer service
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Fances T from TX & kitties--card with note & donation
Kristin H from MN--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Buckeyecat/Pam--day visitor--donation for Catathon--Laurel Burch purse
Michelle P--laundry HE detergent
Lois L from IA--donation in memory of CGcry

Wednesday evening Eric and Carrie will be going to CG's house to pick up Kizzy, her cat and bring her here to FFRC.  We will take good care of her cat for CG. 

Oriah is right now on the window shelf in Kitty Kabana Room watching outside! So nice to see her doing this. The Covies are doing great. They love being out in the Covie---it's their favorite place! The Barnies are also doing great. We just got in a load of straw and hay and they sure enjoy being on top of the piles.

Julie, our visitor from Florida left today. Beth/eaglewatcher is now here for a visit. We surely do enjoy our visitors! They are such a joy to have. 

Felicity just strolled by me. She loves to play! I haven't seen her playing with the other cats....yet, but she is all over the Rescue Center now. A happy girl! Coralie loves the catnip bananas. I also saw Jimmy James outside yesterday rolling on one. They love their catnip bananas! 

We have 95% of the Day Sale from last weekend already packed and ready. The USPS will be coming by this morning to pick up all the packages! A big thanks again for your support. 

Lorenzo has decided that he's now Uncle Lorenzo. He loves going into June's Room and right into the purple basket where Jemima's kittens nap at. He cuddles and naps with them. Camvi has become Auntie especially when she's laying in the Moses basket.  Camvie and babies climb in and Camvie becomes a cleaning machine! I love to see this kind of interaction! 

Here's some info on early spay/neuter:
Q: What is the best age to spay or neuter a cat?
A: According to many Veterinary Medical Associations, as early as eight weeks old.

Q: Is it difficult for veterinarians so spay/neuter young kittens?
A: No. All the feedback from veterinarians performing early age spay/neuter emphasize how much easier and faster the procedure is when done at a very early age.

The important thing too is---if you have a pet that is yours or that you are feeding, please take care of it. We get cats in that are near death. When asked who the owner is, frequently we are told--well, we feed it but it's not mine.  IF YOU ARE FEEDING A CAT, THEN THE OWNERSHIP IS YOURS.  Be responsible, teach your family this too--along with owning a cat is getting vet care. 

Have a wonderful day. The window shelves are full at the moment with napping cats! They're soaking up the sunshine!