Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday, April 27

FFRC received news yesterday afternoon about our friend CGcry. A nurse called and asked if I knew her. I of course, said yes. She proceeded to let me know that CG had just passed away. This past week has been a tough medical week for CG. She has been a viewer/chatter and friend for several years. We shall miss her. She was here for Catstock and had such a good time. CG is also the person responsible for FFRC having Asha. She had heard of Asha and wanted to help so asked if FFRC could step in and become her family and home. She considered herself Asha's "other mama".

CG has a cat there at home which we have said we will take on. Sometime this week, a trip will be made (she's only about an hour away) and bring her cat here. 

Here's the thing---the first number that the nurse and aide found was FFRC's. The aide said that CG talked very much about FFRC and considered us ALL her friends. This left me a bit breathless. The reason?  It brought home the priviledge of what we ALL have here thru our webcam. A friendship. A friendship that extends past that plastic globe on the wall. Those names we see in chat, the visitors we have come, the emails we get from lurkers and supporters, the posts made in facebook, the mods and admins that help FFRC---somehow, over time, we have formed a wonderful friendship. And it's known as FFRCNation. I thank you for this privilege. I thank you for your kindness, your compassion, your politeness, your willing to befriend us here at FFRC and those on FB and the chat. It truly is a privilege. Rest in peace, CG, our friend. 

Kitty Kabana Room is known today as the CH Room.  Right now, there are NINE CH cats in this room--lounging, watching the birds, playing.  They are: Lorenzo, Jackson, Jersey, Cozarelii, Derecho, Felicity, August, Walter and Wrigley. Just amazing!  They're probably having a secret meeting of how they can talk the volunteers out of extra snackers! 

We had our DAY SALE yesterday. I thank you so much for the successful results! This Sale will help FFRC a lot. It was a 2 hour and 20 minute sale. We have already started on organizing the packing up and will be shipping out starting on Monday. I'd like to thank all the people who donated items for this Day Sale and then of course, to the people who put bids in. Whether you "won" or not, each bid showed support and we love that! These Sales are always fun for us too! We do enjoy ourselves here! The technique for the Day Sale isn't 100% perfect, but we try. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

We also have some other thank yous to give!
Gusti--a PayPal donation in memory of CG, may she rest in peace
Napa from MA--donation in memory of CGcry
Jodi L from MN--donation for taking CG's cat
Shannon S from OH--donation for Leonard and other FFRC needs
Jennifer S from MA--donation for FFRC 

Oriah has been making her way more and more by her own choosing into the Main Area. She is a leg/ankle rubber. Loves to wrap around your legs! Sometimes I think it's grand central station at the door going from the Main Area to the Welcome Room Office, between Oriah, Thomas, Walter and Joline. It gets to be quite interesting! 

Today is the first day that Jemima's kittens have been out of their room. They're investigating and being very curious! Their eyes are big in wonderment! Jemima doesn't mind at all. She's been such a devoted and laid back mama. She's a real sweetie. They'll have in and out times--sometimes in their room and sometimes out of their room! 

We took in another new cat yesterday. This cat was found by a man who fed her for a couple months, then decided he didn't "want" her anymore. So he dropped her off in a different neighborhood. It turns out his friend found her and cared for her and then brought her to FFRC. She's a young teenager, all black cat. Her name is Smallisha. She has such a tiny frame and a very big heart of love. 

We also took in a litter of 4 kittens. Talk about cute! They are 3 golds and 1 torti. 2 boys and 2 girls. They are about 4 weeks old, appear healthy, already tested and bathed. They love to eat. They were born under someone's porch and then mama disappeared. After 2 days, they came out from under the porch and were gathered up. They are doing great! 

Please, help every shelter and rescue everywhere by joining in the cause--make it a goal to spay or neuter at least ONE cat. it now.  There are too many kittens being born every day. 
MYTH: It's expensive to have a cat spayed or neutered.
FACT: Many low-cost options exist for spay/neuter services. Most regions of the U.S. have at leastone spay/neuter clinic within driving distance. The cost to house, feed and care for a litter of kittens is huge compared to a one time fee of spaying/neutering.