Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 3

Yesterday was so nice, today so very rainy and cold. It's the way of Spring. The cats have sure been enjoying watching the bird feeders!

It's the beginning--one of the Dora kittens (Byron) slurped a little food from a plate! The good news too is that they are all starting to use the litterbox more and more--I always find that amazing. No mama to show them, yet they know to potty in the box! Jemima's kittens are all seeing more of the world--their eyes are popping open more each day! 

Fondant is on her way to the vet's office right now. A volunteer is taking her and another volunteer will pick her up this afternoon. She will be spayed. Because of her back to back heat cycles, it was decided--let's just get her done now instead of waiting for the 12th. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks! We are already getting items in for the Catathon--a big thanks for that too--this is what makes the Catathon successful!
Dewitty--case of KMR for the babies
Mayumi from Japan--case of the extra cute, extra soft tissues
Amanda--6 cans of KMR
Rebecca & Willow--for the Catathon--lots and lots of cool stuff for a kids basket--craft items, sock owl and bean bag animals kits, kids water bottles, etc.  Will be a fun basket!
Betty W from Virginia--donation for the Dora's Explorers, card, Easter candy, framed picture of Rainbow Bridge artwork by Bill Bell which is a wonderful picture!
Cathouze and Furkitty and their cats and 1 dog from Defiance--pie for Jacci, laundry soap, baby food, fancy feast, chicken and rice Purina One, padded cube for Dora's Explorers
Jan from Hawaii--for Dora's Explorers--Pet Stages mini nesting mat
mkmouse--for the Catathon--lots of Disney basket items--puzzle, tote bag, woven throw, oven itt/pot holder, key tag--will be another awesome basket and a kitty mug "Marie" from Aristocats for Jacci
Dave M from CA--a wonderful 5 level Kuranda Tower
Brian B from NY--donation to be used where needed from PayPal
Kelley F from TX--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--3 dozen jars of baby food

We had visitors on Saturday that were Mike/sophieandlucysdad's family! They brought goodies with them. We had Christy, Judy, 2 niece's who brought cat toys, sponges, PT, 13 gallon trash bags, vinegar, bleach, snackers. We also had a donation from his mom Pat L.

Our visitors/guests here are Kathy K (JustMe) and Joni both from Iowa. They brought a whole car load of supplies, some of which were Keurig coffe, Clorox wipes, vinegar, bleach, Fancy Feast, paper plates, baby food, Odoban, tuna, sardines, doggie snackers, volunteer snackers, farm critter snackers

They're back!  They're back!  Jenna and Radar, our two giant black/white cats that sit in the front yard are back. They had a major paint overhaul this winter. They look the same, except their noses are now a pink heart! My sister Judy and her husband Dave did the work on them. So very nice to have them back!

There's something wonderful going on in Van Wert Ohio. They are having The Neuter Scooter do a Mobile Cat Spay and Neuter Clinic. It's April 12, Saturday. The cost is $40 for tame cats and $10 for feral cats. Call to make an appointment. This is a good thing, folks. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Because people have been asking the topics of the Catathon's Baskets, here are some ideas! If you'd like to send anything in to add to a specific Basket, that would be wonderful! These are just suggestions--feel free to come up with your own ideas!  Bird, Picnic, Garden, Kids Summer Fun, Kids Winter Fun, Baby, Exercise, Healthy Living, Men's Sports, Relaxation, Coffee/Tea, Family Game Night, Cat, Dog, Inspirational, Car Stuff, the list could go on and on!  The Big Ticket Items are individual things that would be "on it's own" for auction! Fun, fun!  The Catathon is June 22.

Dodger now has his medicine and I'm so happy about that. He has Day One done and has 13 more to go! He took it like a good boy yesterday! 

We are the FFRC Nation! Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation!

When you let your pet have litters guess who pays?
Yes, the cats and dogs who every day, lose their lives simply for lack of homes.