Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday, April 20

Happy Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day. A bonus to this special day--as I'm sitting here at my desk the birds are singing non stop. This is one of my very favorite sounds ever--the morning sounds. 

We had BOXES last night. You are much appreciated!
Oilsandsgirl--for the Catathon--Laurel Burch kitty socks, cosmetic bag, cat head shoulder bag, tote with kitties and a horse tote (all Laurel Burch)  Ceramic kitty measuring cups, pewter kitty measuring spoons, 2 mugts and teapot with Chester the cat and 5 kitty/1 mouse cookie cutters
Tigercat54/Great Aunty Julie from IA--2 boxes of Weruva cans and 12 Tiki can cat
Cheri B--for the Catathon--a book Quilting Cats & Dogs and a Puzzle-Raining Cats & Dogs
Wolfpatch/Dave--Gruel Guards--pretty neat idea!
Rebecca & Kitty Willow--for Catathon--a Hello Kitty Back Pack
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases Fancy Feast and 3 cases Friskies Pate
Kris/Kjurland, our visitor--2 pkg Scotch Brite sponges, 3 pk Clorox Wipes, 2 pkg kitty wipes, 2 dozen baby food jars, box of individual assorted chips and a big bag of assorted candy!
Caren F--pkg of spring toys and 2 cases Friskies Pate, 1 case of Magenta's Salmon & 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jatcat--2 small dog houses for the Covie cats!
Beth A/eaglewatcher--a donation to help with tolls and expenses to get Oriah here
Carla C from OR--donation to help with gas to bring Oriah home
vrs1cats--donation to help with meds or food or whatever is needed
Ramona S from MN--donation to help with some expenses for Oriah
Diane/hull--donation to FFRC, in great thanks to Pat who drove her to Fort Wayne, to Pat & Ellen for picking her up (wouldn't accept gas money and told her to "give it to the kitties"). 

We've had a change of plans. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to get Oriah here today from Wisconsin. New transportation plans will be made and she will indeed arrive sometime soon! We are looking forward to having Orion here at FFRC.

We had two more adoptions yesterday. Sweet Bear and Florida (now known as Sunny Florida) both went to their new home together with Pat and Ellen. I've already heard from them and it sounds like things are going great!

Our newest intake cat, Thursday, is doing good. What a sweet girl she is. She's been eating good and doesn't look quite so emaciated. It's lovely to have enough food to eat, so she says! 

Very soon we will be changing things around. Jemima will go into June's Room with her kitties. They need more space to cruise about. The 8 kittens in the back Thumper's Room will be coming up to Cat's Corner Room. This is just a natural progression to getting them in the Main Area. 

The sewer line to correct the drainage problem in Kitty Kastle is done! We've a little yard work to do due to the digging, but that's ok. Won't be long until DIon and crew starts the much awaited shelter house. This was decided last fall. Instead of spending money for all the tents for events and happenings here, it was decided to put that money towards a permanent shelter house. 

All is fine here. The cats are happy, kittens tummies are full and healthwise we're doing real good. For that, I'm very thankful. Eagles are spotted frequently flying above the property or over the river--what a beautiful site to see. The Covies were out and about Friday and will get another day to cruise today. The Porchies are enjoying their windows being open now on the sunporch. The peacocks were up last night looking into the Kitty Kabana windows. The cats were all on guard! 

Myth: My pet will get fat and lazy if I spay/neuter her/him.
Fact: The truth is that most pets get fat (err, I mean fluffy) and lazy because their owners fee them too much and don't give them enough exercise. It is far healthier to spay and neuter!