Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8

I enjoy checking in the chat several times a day. To see the friendships that are there is quite wonderful. I enjoy seeing the politeness that is used and the wanting to help others. The compassion, kindness and friendship shown means a lot to me. 

I also enjoy checking into the fb FFRC pages. It's nice to see a part of your lifes there. I think it's wonderful how we have come together to form such a friendship family. 

We had BOXES last night. I'm very grateful to you all.
Angelface52/Linda--1000 paper plates 6 inch, 2 reams of colored copy paper
Brenda C--for the Catathon, to add to the purse!  A Nook Reader from Barnes & Noble
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--1000 6 inch paper plates, case of PT for Tabitha and friends. Tabitha was smiling ear to ear!
Medic 101/Laura--case of Fancy Feast
Pat/Cathouze & Ellen/Furkitty from Defiance--Happy 3rd birthday to Coz--he received a card with a giftcard from Walmart! Case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, kitty snackers, Bag of cat toys and laser toy and 2 jars of babyfood which were promptly given to Coz and friends!
Jeannette B from TN and her Furhaven Kitties-fun -birthday card for Jacci--and a purple clip board, tape dispenser,stapler and scissors (love it!!), kitty garden flag and a roll of bubble wrap
Yaiza/Yaizamoon and Sonia/SoniaPaws and family--blankies, blankies, blankies!! Many blankies made for ALL of our resident cats, plus for the 2 dogs Camie and Janie (in memory of their service dog Tanya) and even 2 blankies for the Z's and some for the rest of the housecats!  Wow--so wonderful!  Also doggie snackers, kitty snackers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten, toys!!!!, 2 pks of plates 9 inch and 6 inch, 3 microfiber towels, a Russian handpainted china thimble with a kitty onit (it's beautiful), postie notes, pad of paper, bag of candy barns and a beautiful scarf with yellow mousies and cats on it!
Tigercat54/greataunt Julie from IA--bag of assorted K-cups, plastic spoons, 2 bags ofcups, lids and sleeves
Kelly R from CA--coupons, 2 wonderful soft cat carriers, multi color picture frame, ornament, iridescent mug and a white/gold mug, a travel mug from Starbucks, lamb bed with matching blankie (for Dora's Explorer's) and a Laurel Burch tote. Some of these items are for Catathon!
ChrisP218 from Canada--for the Catathon: cards and envelop0s all handmade by Chirs--for Birthdays, Christmas, Thank yous, Wedding and Misc.  So very pretty and made with such care!
Timothy M from FL--donation thru PayPal for a birthday gift for Cozarelii!
Faith M from MD--a donation, in honor of Alma's first solo walk! Alma's doing great.

Our friends, the Fun Flyers (BJinFTW, LKG, scSue, Viknik, ColoEagle, Moutain Bluebird, Morning Person, Autumnchild, AthenaOR and Elsedeb) donated for FFRC to purchase a memorial tree in memory of Paul. I so appreciate this. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Paul. It will be a White Oak tree--and it will grow mighty and big. 

All is fine here. Baby Explorer's are doing great--they are 1/2 on plate food and 1/2 syringe fed. The 4 golden kittens are growing and will be spayed/neutered this Saturday. Jemima and her babies are also doing good. More info later. 

Please remember to spay/neuter your pet. Be responsible. Do it now before that one single cat problem becomes 6 or more.