Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10

Coralie is awesome. She's on the move! This morning she went from Kitty Kabana to the Main Area and then down the hallway! I love to see her explore. I especially love when you talk to Coralie, she will look directly at you and do that wonderful slow blink. That's her kitty-kiss! This morning she let Wrigley nap right beside her.

Yesterday was Joyful's birthday. She is now 12. She had extra treats and the promise that I wouldn't clean her eyes for that day. She really liked that gift! She really enjoys the back Thumper's Room. Yesterday we opened the windows in this room and she so enjoyed watching and hearing the birds chirping.

Randy is doing better. He's eating good. His poor bum caused a problem. His severe road rash on his bottom caused much soreness and swelling. He's such a good sport though. What a really nice cat.

We have a new Palm Tree and the cats are thrilled. Jimmy was very clever. After putting it together, he added an extra support sisel pole to support the shelf. These cats and their jumping on the shelf many many times a day is what eventually did the old tree in. Our cats here are hard on things! This extra support should give the tree a long life.

We had BOXES last night. I am so very grateful.
Medic/Laura--case of Fancy Feast
LJ323--note of thanks to FFRC, kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast, Bounce dryer sheets, Fruit Gems (extra thanks!), Scotch Brite sponges. Also a couple funt hings--4 tiny orange traffic cones and caution tape for Coralie (to preserve her space!!) and also 2 cans of instant snow (because she heard our snow all finally melted!). She also sent things for the Catathon--dish mats/towels, timer, measuring cups, peeler can opener, tongsk slotted spoon, spatulas, ice cream scoop--things for the kitchen basket!
Mayumi from Tokyo--2 boxes of TUlle, peanut butter candies. For the Catathon--a cute black kitty pursette (for the girls basket!)
Gillian from the UK--for the Catathon--4 pairs novelty socks!
Gerricross--case of Fancy Feast & a bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Ms. Beccas Corner from VA--5 yarn ball toys for the adoption bags
Tigercat54/Great Auntie Julie--K-cups, lids and sleeves
Arlene--for the Catathon--4 Yankee candles, CD of Backyard Birds, books (4 wonderful books) and a beautiful afghan that will be called The Afghan of Many Colors!  Her items will go towards the Inspiration basket, Bird basket and others!
SonJamac from T-dot Canada--smartie kat 3 fish flop crinkle toys, 2 Kong crinkle balls with feathers (Bear was quickly taking the toys off of the cardboard!)
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila from Canada--bag of Max cat dry and bag of Purina One Indoor dry, 24 large cans of tuna (extra thanks from the kitties!) and Pet Stages twinkle balls
Wanda, our wonderful portrait friend--donated for another portrait order
Gusti--a donation in honor of Joyful's Birthday and for Coralie's meds, in honor of her Father's birthday
Jakesmeowmy--donation to use wherever needed

We love that Precious Litter! There is a contest going on right now where, should we come in first place, we will receive coupons for free Precious Litter!  I'm all for that. Here is the
Check it out.  I cannot find how long the contest runs for. Apparently you're able to vote for more than 1 picture a day. We have a Derecho picture, submitted by Beth and another picture with 2 cats in it, submitted by Jo Ann. Feel free to vote for both!  Have fun with this and keep those kittypaws crossed that we win! 

Here's a date for you that you might be interested in. Our next Day Sale is 4/26, Saturday at 11:00.  Remember too, that all tshirts in the FFRC store is now $12, not $20. If it doesn't come up with the $12 cost, go directly thru PayPal and add your own amount! Our JoAnn Stories and Canton's Stories are now $15. The cookbook II is on sale for $18.  We're trying to push items to help us be ready for the Catathon! While we're talking dates, remember the Catathon is June 22 and the Catstock is September 6. We'd love to have you come for these events.

Here's the hotel numbers:  (all about 15 minutes from FFRC)
Comfort Inn   419-784-4900
Hampton Inn     419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express     419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel     419-782-8000
Defiance has a wonderful B & B that gives discounts to FFRC guests (and is only about 10 minutes from here)  Call Diana at 419-956-9981
Please, if interested in coming, make those reservations as last year it was hard to get a room. We'd love to have you.

The Dora's Explorers are doing good. Still beimg about 1/2 plate and 1/2 syringe feeders. They are starting to play more and more. Jemima is eating great now. Her babies' tummies are so so round! The 4 goldies are also doing great--getting to be very ornery!

Canton looks wonderful--her weight is good and she's such a happy girl. So is Treesa. I think they're both glad to be here. I just know they have a good home "out there", waiting for them. 

Our goal is to move the Covies back to Cat's Cove this weekend. First though, we have a lot of work to do to get ready for this. The Cove still needs water blasted and then dried out. The sun is shining right now but we're expecting rain this afternoon.  We're going to give it a try though to start on this huge job today. The Covies are chomping to get back to their spring/summer/fall home! 

Putter is again being quite vocal. He spent some time with me this morning on the couch, being petted. Then he said ---"Tell the viewers this---Please Neuter and Spay....because all the other answers are stupid." Now, believe me, I told him that stupid wasn't a nice word. But, he said if they don't Spay or Neuter, then that's the word to use. I always listen to Putter. 

"At times our own light goes out and it's rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."  Just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate each and everyone of you. The FFRCNation is strong and full of friendship.