Thursday, April 24, 2014

THursday, April 24

Oriah is here and what a sweetie she is! Oh my goodness, she is a very relaxed girl already and has been cruising everywhere checking things out. We started her in the back Thumper's Room but she also had about an hour in the Main Area to start getting use to things. She did very well. She seems to get along good with the other cats.  Many thanks to Rita/WiscCat for bringing her. Rita spent the night last night and will head back late morning. Remember--she adopted Patricia/Tricia who is Seymours mama.  

Whisk spent the night in Kitty Kastle last night with Julie. He did very well. He's a talker at times here and that's what he did to Julie last night. He had lots to tell! He's back here in the Rescue Center now. 

We found something that Jemima will eat! A webcam friend sent a donation for hamburger and turkey to be browned, drained and shared with everyone. She likes it! All the cats got a bit of it this morning, including the Porchies. 

The trench is now dug and the gas line is buried. It runs from the Jenna Radar to the main propane tank. Now to squish all that dirt back in the ground so we can put grass seed on it and have it green!  We have someone coming in next week sometime to drag the ground where the dirt had to be graded to reduce the amount of water laying on the ground. They will drag, seed and cover with straw. The stone base is in for the Shelter House. Friday they'll come and place the poles and put in the form for the concrete that will come next week. I've decided we just must like dirt! It seems like we have dusty dirt here all the time! 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Amelia--for the Catathon--books! Lots of books to put in various Catathon baskets! 
Rebecca & Willow--duck card & kitty/puppy card.  For the Catathon--6 felt coloring boards for the kids basket. For a baby basket--kitty bib, kitty shirt, 2 onsie hoodies with kitties and a veggie onesie
Joey3100--lots of reams of printer paper, all different colors!
Arden & Charmaine--4 containers BarKeepers Friend cleanser and a ream of green printer paper
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--box of BFF tuna turkey tickles and 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jodeann M from MI--6 giant rat toys, 2 lg packages q-tips, syringes and 200 syringes with needles, case of Tiki cat food
JZ-NYC/Joann Z from NY--3 temptation snackers, sponges, Mr. Clean MagicErasers, 12 bottles Dial liquid soap, 100 (yes 100!) AA batteries
Zoolove/Pam with Bootsie, Snowy, Cali, Princess, Smokey & Blackie with a note.  All for Catathon, Store or Day Sale---lots and wonderful lots of different items from Cats Welcome Plaque, Sleeping kitty statues, kitty banners, kitty plates, kitty salt/pepper, Boyd Angel kitties, snowbaby, kitt kitty cookie jar, crystal Lenox statue   Thanks so much!
Justme/Kathy K--Catathon--Portraits by Wanda of Derecho and Seymour.  For me (!!)--a portrait of Coralie and of Zap and Zaney
Terese/yankeechick--a yummy pizza lunch for everyone!
Dave/wolfpatch--a special anchovie pizza for Jamima and friends
Putter and Friend--sent a wonderful fruit basket for the volunteers 
Kathy M from Ontario--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Angie M from ND--donation thru PayPal
Philip P from NJ--donation in honor of Buddy's (his bird) first birthday, in memory of Einstein

All is well here and a rather healthy bunch of cats and kittens! We have started our new protocal with vaccinations. This is all in hopes of staying a step or two ahead of those nasty viruses that we know are out there.  Won't be long until we move Joey up to the Main Area. We'll see how he does--it may be a little bit at a time or not--it all depends on him. Thursday is also ready to come to the Main Area--she is truly a sweetie! 

Don't forget this Saturday at 11:00 is our Day Sale. We have some different items that will be available. See you then! 

Spay/Neuter Talk:
Myth:  But my pet is a purebred.
Fact: So is at least one out of every four pets brought to animals shelters/rescues around the country. There are just too many cats and dogs--mixed breed and purebred.  About half of all animals entering shelters/rescues are euthanized. lives by spaying and neutering.