Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weds., Feb 29

I want to let you know that my mom LOVED all the birthday cards. She will open a little stack daily. She is having so much fun with this and was amazed at all the places the cards came from! I believe she felt quite special. Thank you for helping her birthday be important. My sister Patti is home until Sunday. Big job interview today and tomorrow in Fort Wayne, In. Hoping she'll get this job so she'll be close to home (it's only 1 hour away). Sorry, just had to add my family info!

The cats are doing good. I'm so happy for Rory--he's getting braver every day bbut still likes Dodger's Pen to nap in. Little Angel Kisses now has TWO stuffed kitties in her pen--the heartbeat kitty and Lilly--she has snugged with both of them! Today, Angel Kisses gets a five minute "walk about" in a room, to stretch her legs a bit. She's a little shy girl, and so we've been talking to her alot and petting her. Izzy girl that arrived yesterday is beautiful. She will go into June's Room today so she has more people company. I was able to get her vet records and they are current.

I would like to say a special thanks to all the people who have donated thru PayPal. I have always thanked these people via e-mail, but feel it's important to start recognizing these donations on the Blog as well. There's a bit of a list for today, but after this, will post as the donation is given. These are the donations we've received this past month:

Selkie & Blue in Nova Scotia--for Angel Kisses & in honor of your mom's birthday
Janak2--for FiFi's eye surgery
Gitte from Denmark--for Fifi's and Angel Kisses' surgeries
Marie F from KY--donation
Gusti from Germany--for Angel Kisses and FiFi or x-rays that are needed for Jaina and Jacen
Steffer48--for Angel Kisses
PSW--for Angel Kisses
Cn/Carol N--for Angel Kisses
Cantoncat--for Angel Kisses
Keith C--donation
Marie F from KY--donation
Gusti from Germany--for the new storage room
Marcia S from MI--donation
Matthew P from England--donation
Janak2--donation for baby food for Bella and treats for the others
Susan A--in memory of Sesame
Mayumi T from Japan--a donation for medicines
Glynette M from CA--donation
Neil S from OH--donation
Susan F--in memory of Sesame
Cn/Carol N--in memory of Sesame
Lynn H--donation
Straycatlady--In memory of Sesame for the new storage room
Beverly M from WA--donation
Margaret M--for the new storage room
Eileen M--donation
Sonnykat--for the new storage room
Smudgie cat--for Fifi's vet bills
Mitty208--for the new storage room
Rob S from UK--donation

How lucky this Rescue Center is! Past and present, if we stop and think about all the people who have supported us by a word, a gift or moral support, we are indeed, very fortunate. You DO make a difference for this Rescue Center and I have a huge sense of gratitude to you all.

Please know I try very hard to give acknowledgments while still preserving privacy for the donor's full name.

We are starting to make plans for the 2nd annual Cat-A-Thon. It's unbelievable that it's time to start getting things organized for this huge event. It's 16 1/2 weeks from now!

Emaline's eye looks much better today. Zelda is in the process of tearing apart all feather toys--what fun she has! Telo has been teaching Jaina how to chase plastic rings. Bella's bottom looks wonderful--stump area is healthy looking. Derby loves to play in the grooming tub with any toy that makes noise. Life is good!

Which way did he go?
This is Sari in her new home! She's waiting for the squirrel to return.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Rory came out of his pen a little bit yesterday. We're leaving his pen door open and when he wants, he can come out and cruise. When something frightens him, he goes zipping back in his pen for security. A real nice cat that loves a belly rub. Little Angel Kisses has had some lung congestion. She is on antibiotics and seems to be a bit better this morning. She has a great appetite. Grominique loves cookies! Part of a cookie (not chocolate) was left on the desk and she gobbled it up in one second and was looking for more. Peverley seems to be my constant desk friend these days. She loves to sit and watch the monitor. FiFi is a playing machine--ALL toys are her favorites!

We had BOXES last night! I found this saying last night and it made me think of ALL of us involved with this Rescue Center: "Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens". This came from a Dr. Wayne W. Dyer book. This can apply to people and cats.

Colleen P from CA--sent 3 baby bottles and 1 can of KMR powder
Bandit the Parrot, with help from Momma Patty from FL--sent a letter and picture to Einstein, my parrot, along with peanut treats, Santa Fe Parrot treats, Nutri Berries and a toy, all for Einie!
Martha S from Okinawa, Japan--beautiful hand made note cards with envelopes
Kelly N (Loon2) from MA--sent a letter, 2 rattle cat toys and 4 awesome handmade necklaces--1 with our FFRC logo for Jacci, 3 necklaces for the Catathon--Mahjong Tile, Domino Tile and Scrabble Tile with Bella on it. All are beautiful. Her website is:
CapeCodeCat--sent 2 snuggle kitties. These can be used with young kittens. They have a warmer in them and a heart that beats like a mama's heartbeat. Awesome! One is in with Angel Kisses. The website for this gift is:
Andre' Ciccotelli--paper towels, dish soap and cat treats and a visit!

Today is my mom's birthday, so I will be taking all the birthday cards that she has been sent to her today. She is going to love this and I appreciate it. It will mean a lot to my mom! Thank you.

Jacen, Snuzzles and Jaina are quite a 3-some. They play so hard that they end up flopping down to catch their breaths. A minutes rest, and off they go again! Button came out for breakfast today. It's taking her a little time to adjust, but we're patient people here. Farrah loves to carry those plastic coils around while she's meowing. (Rory just jumped out of his pen and went and sniffed noses with Cutie! We have progress!)

It won't be long until it's kitty season, especially with this very mild winter we've had. I would like people to understand that it is impossible for us to take in every cat and kitten that we are asked about. It's simply impossible. There is so much that factors in as to what kittens or cats we will take in. It's a known fact, for every 10 kittens that we adopt out, only 1 adult will be adopted. That means, I cannot overload on adults. Spring thru the fall time, we will get no less than 20-25 calls DAILY to take in more kittens and cats. It can be very depressing, knowing we cannot take on that huge amount. So, years ago, I had to tell myself that I have to focus my energy, money and time on the ones that we CAN help. Many times people don't understand this and assume we take in every cat that comes our way. If so, our numbers would be in the millions. I do have a system of what I can and cannot take in. As always, any cats/kittens that my volunteers, friends or our vet offices call about, we try our best to get those particular ones in. We try our very hardest to help as many as we can. Some days are so overwhelming. It's utterly impossible to keep up with the overpopulation problem. But, here's the good news--if everyone could spay or neuter even ONE cat, right now, before spring hits, you could help drastically with reducing the overpopulation. I tell people all the time--be a part of the solution. It's simple--spay and neuter. Thanks for listening to my annual spring talk!

beautiful Badu
Badu patiently waiting in the sink for her bath, which she loves!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, Feb. 27

One of the top questions people ask is: How much does it cost to adopt a cat or kitten from FFRC? We have between $200 to $250 MINIMUM in each and every cat and kitten. Our adoption fee, though, is $90. This adoption fee covers an initial FIV/heartworm/leukemia test, a repeated leukemia test in 4 weeks, an incoming bath, 3 wormings, a vet physical, 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, flea prevention applied each and every month, and their spay/neuter. If they arrive with medical issues (fractured bone, injuries, etc.), these treatments are also included in the adoption fee. All ears are cleaned regularly and nails trimmed.

Rory continues to enjoy being petted. He likes to roll over and have his tummy rubbed. Angel Kisses is eating good. She also enjoys being loved on. She is putting good weight on her right rear leg. She actually put a little weight on her left rear leg, but her toes are still curled under (a sign of neurological problems), but we still have time for improvement. Emaline's eye is improving. We continue daily treatments on it. County is becoming super friendly. Ernestine has been playful today--scampering about like a kitten.

Remember to get your recipes in to Leenie. The cats in Kitty City are doing awesome! In April, we'll be moving them back out to Cat's Cove until next winter. They love Cat's Cove--it's so big and has lots of room to run. All 6 of the sunporch cats are also doing well. They love the Yeow catnip bananas!
Thumpers Room 3
Partial view of Thumper's Room.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 26

The Rescue Center had many visitors yesterday. We all enjoy having people come enjoy the cats. People benefit, it's good PR and the cats LOVE it! We had 2 adoptions also. Val and her sister and niece came from Michigan. Val adopted Dickens/Piper. I've already heard from her and things are going great. Dickens was a tad bit shy, but Val is winning his confidence and love! Our other kitten, Beyaz went to his new home also. He went to a family that has already adopted from us before: Ping, Pong and Ylee. Another wonderful home. We did find the home where O'Malley belongs. I took him there, we had a lengthy talk of pet ownership. O'Malley was very happy to see his family. This is very unusual for a cat to be claimed--I have only seen it happen 3 times. They will be making an appointment next week to get him neutered and we'll follow thru on this end to be sure this happens (we are helping with the cost of this neuter).

Rory, the American Short Hair, has been moved to Dodger's Pen so he has more people contact. He seems relaxed and is enjoying watching all the action. Our sweet Angel Kisses is recovering very nicely from her surgeries. She can sit up, get to her food bowls and the litter box all by herself. Over time she'll develop better muscle tone in her legs. She loves to be petted and likes to cuddle up to Lilly--the stuffed black/white cat toy.

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES & PACKAGES last night! Thanks is given to you for your support.
Cathy H from CA--sent a donation with a very nice letter
Lois--birthday card for my mom
Val S--birthday card for my mom
Lee J--birthday card for my mom
Linnell & Mark S from Minnesota--a letter with lots of coupons for ffrc and the volunteers to use
Tony B/onebadone and Neffertit--sent a sample of a new flea repellent for the rescue center to try
Val H and sister Shelley H--each made a donation for the storage room
Kiwi from New Zealand--sent a beautiful card and a special chocolate treat for the volunteers
Steve, Carla & William (beachkatz & unclekat) from Oregon--card, pictures of their cats, postcards, 2 beds for Kitty City, candy for the volunteers, Rory had a gift for Einstein, case of Friskies, cat toys, hand sanitizer, 3 blankies, Mr. Clean magic erasers, large straws, flannel pillowcases, canned chicken for Twinkle, sardines (!), scratcher replacement pads and a great brush self groomer toy (that Bella especially loves already). What a nice box, how generous!

We had 2135 hits on PetFinders last week. The top 6 cats were Badu, Promise, Emaline, Dunakin, Zelda and Octavia.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 25

Our sweet Angel Kisses had her surgery yesterday--actually 2 of them. She was spayed in addition to her femoral head repair surgery. She came home late afternoon and is now in Patience's Pen. Angel Kisses is really doing quite well. She can sit up and she's been eating real good. We'll give her plenty of time and love to heal. What a sweet girl she is. We've moved O'Malley back to Thumper's Room. O'Malley has been an outside cat, and he's not happy about being inside. He does like Thumper's Room where he can sit on the shelves and look outside. Please remember, that we are investigating his past ownership. We believe we know where he came from, and so, must be sure that he was not a cat brought in that someone owned. Will know more today about this. Rory will come up to be in Dodger's Pen today so he can have more people contact. The pen door will be shut, but it will give him an opportunity to be around people. Such a beauty he is. He's a young cat, an American Short Hair and was in a trap behind our local police department and Eagles club. This is the cat that our volunteers Jodi and Jenni have been trying to catch. We have success and I believe he will adapt quickly to the rescue center. Jacen and Jaina are playing like 2 crazy cats. The surgery for FiFi has been changed to March 6, Tuesday. On that same day, Jaina and Jaken will go also for a second chest x-ray series. If there are no changes, they will go up for adoption. After all, they need a real home too! We, of course, would make sure that any potential family is aware of their heart disorder.

We had a BOX and a few envelopes last night!
Kelly R/Littleonemine--sent her Fruit of the Month--Big, juicy plums. So very yummy!
Vaunita from PA--sent a card from all the ffrc cats and a donation for the storage room
Barbara C from GA--sent a Valentine card and a donation
Mary B from CA--sent 2 envelopes full of coupons
Cathy P from WA--sent a card for my mom, a lovely note with a picture of her cat who was one yard long (has since passed away), and a pretty kaleidoscope picture for ffrc.
Kiwi--sent a card and a gift in memory of my dad (thank you very much)

Thank you all for your support, whether it be financial, material or moral support! It truly helps boost us all here. It's been a wonderful thing to make friends from all over the world.

Mr. Barth was here yesterday and the final draft of the new storage room is a go. The total cost is $11,500. It's possible that they may be starting the foundation next week (weather permitting)! I am extra excited about this, as it will help us be much more organized here.

A picture of Pocus before her adoption. Her new family loves her!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, Feb. 24

Dickens and Beyaz returned from their vet visit without a problem. Beyaz was a little "off" in the evening--hard for him to settle down and take a nap. This morning, he's much better and is actually napping at the moment. Our Angel Kisses is still there and will have surgery this morning. Her x-rays revealed 2 pelvis fractures and a femoral head fracture. We will bring her back to the Rescue Center after her repair surgery is done. She will recuperate in Patience's Pen. We also took in a new boy yesterday. A very handsome grey and white male, about 6 months old. His name is O'Malley. Because we want him to have more people contact, his quarantine time is taking place with him being in Dodger's Pen.

We had BOXES last night. Thanks so much!
DeEtte--sent a case of Fancy Feast kitten food, 2 cases of Royal Canin Baby Cat food and 2 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry kitten food (we're getting ready for baby season!)
Lisa S & Jacob--sent a Valentine card and a donation in memory of Sesame, a case of 9-Lives pate, a case of Friskies, a bunch of Whiska Lickins cat treats and a Fish 'n Play catnip activity mat.
Jatcat--sent a laserjet ink cartridge for our main copier, a Deluxe Desktop Labeler with extra label tapes This will help us become more organized. We'll be labeling our medicine cabinets which will be a big help! When we get our new storage room, shelves will also be labeled.
Cantoncat--made a donation to help with Angel Kisses' surgery

A couple dates to mark on your calendar. Our 2nd annual Cat-A-Thon will be June 24, a Sunday from 1:00-4:00. This is our huge telethon fundraiser and will be on the webcam! Another date is Sept. 15. This is when MIKE CHAMBERLIN will perform at a concert here at FFRC. On Sept. 14, he will do a special mini concert for the webcam viewers. Two big events coming up.

Please remember to vote at: This is an awards that Readers' Choice is doing. We are currently #1, but voting continues until 3/21. You can vote daily. There's no money reward, but we would be listed as Readers' Choice as their choice for a non-profit cat organization!

We are also currently trying to win 2012 pounds of kitty litter! Check this out:
Imagine Your Favorite Animal Shelter Receiving 2012 lbs. of World's Best Cat Litter!

Sheriff Putter Sez info: our website person will put the top 9 sayings into a voting matrix and we will let visitor/chatters pick the ones they like the best. Check it out soon on our website at

FFRC Interior 11
Another view of the Rescue Center with volunteer Judy S

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 23

The crates are ready to be packed with Angel Kisses, Dickens and Beyaz. They will be leaving this morning around 7:30-7:45. Martha L, a volunteer, will pick them up and either Steve or I will bring them home. Peverley is laying here on the desk today--all so happy and stretched out. Jacen is a play machine today--every cat or kitten that goes by him is immeiately "talked" into playing. He especially likes Snuzzles. I received an e-mail that had actually been sent by Putter. He was very upset that the clock had been removed from the wall and was accusing our wonderful Jodi of doing this. Bella wouldn't help him with figuring this out, so he had to resort to e-mailing for help. He sat there on the floor staring at me while I was reading this! Case resolved: clock is back on the wall thanks to Putter! We also had a "tail-off" yesterday. Beyaz's tail measured in at 10.5, but Jacen's tail came in at 11.5 inches. Beyaz is the winner!

We had boxes last night!
Bantry--sent 12 Purell hand sanitizers
Anonymous--sent a case of can food
Aunty Fi--a very cute black/white stuffed cat!
Quayside--case of Fancy Feast
Daryl/catohrama--card, 25 cans of sardines and 10 cans of chicken (for Twinkle) and a hand held rechargeable can opener (the cats will have 25 days of a sardine breakfast now!)
Carol B--dropped of some dog food, laundry soap and ink cartridges.

Thank you all ever so much for your gifts to the rescue center. It's always very much appreciated. You do make a difference for us!

Our new business cards came in. They look awesome with our new logo that Bea designed! Asha is sitting in my lap. I look at her and marvel at her sweetness. Buttons is doing good, she seems to be relaxed and likes to be petted. Promise is beginning to play more with the other kittens. Farrah continues to be seizure-free.

Remember Capito? A wonderful kitten that has been adopted!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weds., Feb. 22

BIG NEWS!! Just got an e-mail from Reader's Choice that FFRC has been selected as 1 of 6 that is up for vote for the final ballot of Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Organizations. Wow! We came in #3 out of the top 6 organizatyions. Now it's time to go public and vote for us to hopefully come in #1 place! Go to: and vote! Winner will be announced on 3/30. Voting continues until 3/21 and can vote daily. Winners don't receive a prize -- just the bragging rights that come with knowing that the readers of one of the Web's largest networks love the work that we are doing for the cats.

Tomorrow Dickens and Beyaz will make their way to Bryan for the surgeries. We have another kitten now that will accompany them. She's brand new here and her name is Angel Kisses. She is a torti/tiger, was hit by a car 6 days ago, was at a vet's office for 1 day, then transferred here. She's a dandy-a real sweetie, but with major pelvis problems. The x-rays will help us determine what we need to do. She's been tested, vaccinated and bathed now. We also have a surgery date for FiFi. It's March 7th. We're so hoping this surgery will improve her eye sight.

We had BOXES last night! Fun, always exciting for me and as always, I'm very appreciative for the support.
Virginia K--2 cases of Fancy Feast (1 grilled & 1 classic)
Quayside123--a case of Fancy Feast Delights with cheese
Aunty Bantry--4 bottles of Gold Bond hand lotion (our hands take a beating here)
Gitte from Denmark--5 pounds of KMR powder (getting ready for baby season)
Kya R/sporeo from Canada--Valentine cards for all FFRC kitties, house cats, the mods, the volunteers, Cutie, Badu, Tweeny, Twinkle, Jacen, Promise, Putter, Bella, Paddys, Telo, Dugster & Holly!! Sporeo is also the sender of Bella's self groomer!
Akik in Japan--a thank you card and sympathy card for Aprilla and a postcard
Linda/tabbylin from OH--a donation for the Tree of Giving in memory of David T
cjcat--donation in memory of Butch, Mandi, Tabby, Jaz and Bear
Donald S from Jupiter, FL--donation and a card

Dunakin is having a hard time adjusting to his new home and will probably be returning today. We'll give him lots of TLC when he returns. Badu is sleeping on my desk all stretched--almost end to end! Kathy was here last night and did 2 more paintings. Our Rescue Center is full of wonderful things that Kathy has painted. Makes it bright and cheery. Twinkle is eating good. Turing is a silly boy--loves to play with feathers.


Our Octavia, the master thief!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 21

We made an appointment for our 2 boys, Dickens and Beyaz, to have their neuters done on Thursday. I also left a message with one of the vets to talk again about FiFi. We'll get a surgery date set up for her eyes. When that time comes, I'd like to also have Jacen and Jaina go back for their second heart x-rays. If things are the same as their first x-rays, they will probably be put up for adoption then. Even with their heart problems, they still deserve their very own home. We had visitors again yesterday that just wanted to come in and play and pet. These cats love that!

We had BOXES last night!
DeEtte--sent an electric warmer bed for the cats! It's already been used.
Carol O--sent coupons
Michlyn--sent stickers for Hannah, which we will forward to her
Diane M (Missa's mama)--sent covers/blankies for the furniture. Volunteer Pat provided the material
WisconsinListener--sent 2 cat treat bags, cookies for the volunteers, Purell hand sanitizer, 3 big towels and a framed picture of some of the FFRC cats (which is awesome--love it)
Bonnie/Dave/Michael--2 cases of Purrfectly fish and chicken for Twinkle. We also showed the beautiful blankies she made and the beaded necklaces and bracelets
Kitty Kam & Sarah Eo--a case of KMR liquid
IceMaiden--a case of KMR liquid
Peggy S--6 extra turbo cardboard replacements for the turbo toy

We also received a wonderful corner grooming tool for Bella. She will love this. I had a problem with my e-mail and do not have the name of the person who donated this. Please let me know! Thanks. We will put it up and I know that Bella will love it.

Our Sweet Bella

If anyone has extra coupons that you think the rescue center can use, feel free to send them. Diane M. is going to organize them. The ones that FFRC can't use, we'll share with the volunteers!

The weather here has been incredibly warm this winter. We've had windows open again for the cats. They love watching and hearing the birds. Dickens and Snuzzles have been playing a lot together. Promise has decided the desk is a fun place to be--she gets lots of extra petting. Buttons is a little shy, but is still brave enough to cruise around a bit. She's so very sweet and loves to be petted. Emaline's eye is looking a bit better today. We'll keep treating her. Hettie is such a sweetie--she goes crazy for those mylar toys.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Feb. 20

Another busy visitor day! The cats are really enjoying all of the extra attention. We moved Buttons up to June's Room yesterday. This morning, she was meowing and meowing. I believe she had decided she was ready to explore. When the door opened, she just waltzed right on out. She spent a good part of the morning just cruising around.She appears to be a talker.She and Pansy Mae look a lot alike, other than Pansy is a torti tiger and Buttons is a brown tiger. Martha L brought donuts for the volunteers today. Grominique got a hold of one and ate 1/2 of it before we discovered this. Merci was playing with Jacen this morning. Bella cleaned her baby food jar out this morning squeaky clean. Diffie is a big time bird watcher.

Yesterday, our out of town visitors brought some gifts to us.
Medic/Laura & Belinda--can Friskies, goodies for volunteers, dog treats, cat treats, blankies, Einie treat, Reece's Pieces, red heart bed, dry cat food, can chicken for Twinks, Mr. Clean, vinegar, litter, meat baby food, sardins
Speedy/Liz & Eric--can Friskies, colored paper, hand liquid soap, Mr. Clean, cat face wipes Whiskas tuna, volunteer candy
Gem & Gem's mom--tabs for Kellen

As I always ask, if I've neglected something, I'm so sorry! I try to keep things straight. We so appreciate the donations. Our quote for the tad bit bigger storage room should be here this week. This room will be so wonderful to have and will help
us be much more organized.

The newbies--Dickens, Beyaz & Snuzzles are all over the rescue center now. They've explored every inch and are happy kittens.

FFRC Interior 12

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Feb.19

Jodi with Jazzy and Einstein

Jodi with Jazzie and Einstein.

What a fun day yesterday--we had lots of visitors. I do believe the cats were worn out! Kitty City cats also had lots of attention. Melissa from Ohio was here all afternoon and enjoyed the cats. I think she petted every single one of them, including Badu. Sherry/Nikkaross was here also--took a lot of pictures that you all will enjoy. She'll be heading home today. We also had Dave & Bonnie and their son Michael visit from Michigan.

Melissa brought can food and a donation for Aprilla and Sesame.
Sherry brought canned mackerel and sardines
Bonnie & Dave brought a big yellow ducky bed, crackers for volunteers, blanket. Bonnie also makes jewelry and brought beaded keychains for the volunteers and also
beaded bracelets. They are all beautiful. A lot of work involved. She also made yarn blankies for the cats.

We had 2 adoptions! Dunakin and Georgia went to a home together. They will live in a large home with lots of room to play. The door to Cat's Corner room is now open. Beyaz and Snuzzles immediately came out and has been non-stop playing! Dickens came out this morning and was playing in Kitty Campus room. Three really nice babies. We also brought up another cat from Thumper's Room. Her name is Buttons. She's 5 years old and is a brown tiger. She's been in Thumper's Room for a week, adjusting to a big change of life. Her mama and auntie passed away in a car accident. She's doing pretty good, but I'm sure she's wondering what happened. She loves to be petted. We will open her room door soon to let her start exploring. Maybe she and Pansy Mae will become friends as both have lost of their mamas have passed away.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 18

We had an adoption yesterday. Our wonderful, handsome Niven went to an awesome home. This family has previously adopted from us and I believe these 2 cats will have some fun together. We've already heard from them and sounds like things are going smoothly. We have several people coming to visit the rescue center today. Sherry/Nikkaross is also here for the weekend. We love visitors and should be fun, plus lots of extra petting for the cats! Our newbie kitten, Beyaz is here in the office with me for a bit. He was wailing very very loudly in Cat's Corner Room. He wanted OUT and out RIGHT NOW. So he's running around like a goofy kitten, playing with a yellow Yeow banana. We'll put him back in Cat's Corner Room with Dickens and Snuzzles for the morning.

Our volunteer Diane is making her way to Florida today. While she's there enjoying the sunshine, she is entrusting her cat that she adopted from us, to our care. Missa is a beautiful torti. She ate a good breakfast today.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you so much for this support
Javajoe--case of flaked Fancy Feast & a play & squeak toy (which has already been well used)
Thomas W--lots of coil toys (we love to give 1-2 of these away at adoptions as the cats love to play with these)
Siggisurfing--donation and a cat-mat with catnip (already has been napped on)
Anonymous--3 cases of baby food, turkey, beef and chicken
BubblesLaDoo--a beautiful slate clock

I wanted to give you an update on the AdSense. This is money the Rescue Center earns by viewers clicking on the ads (below the cam) to learn more about the products displayed. For Dec., we earned $662.03. In Jan., we earned $409.13.

I would also like to offer a sincere apology. Yesterday I was having what I thought was a private conversation with a friend. I thought the sound was off. I should've checked it, but neglected to do that. I'm sorry this may have put anyone in an awkward position. Many of you turned your sound off, which I appreciate.

We had a weird "happening" yesterday with our computers here. The internet kept going down. We could get back on line, including the cam, and down it would go again. I called our internet provider. After much searching they discovered that FFRC and a lawyer's office was both on the same IP number. Once that was straightened out, all was well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, Feb. 17

We have names for the 2 new kittens. The white male is Beyaz. It's pronounced Bay-oz. It means white in Turkish. Bayoz is a super sweetie pie. His main hobby is purring! The small torti/tiger is now named Snuzzles. It's a combination of snuggle and nuzzle. We will be moving these 2 kittens up to Cat's Corner Room this morning to join Dickens. We'd love for these 3 kittens to become good friends before turning them lose in the Rescue Center.

Twinkle is eating good. She just seems like a frail girl, but is so sweet, happy and loves attention. One of the volunteers cooked her up some special chicken and broth, which she loves. Preakness has been carrying around Telo's plastic rings--she's finding them fun to play with too. Paddy Purr was lost yesterday--we couldn't find him. His hiding place was......inside the house! He quickly was told that his home is in the rescue center. (Actually he's been in before and loves the bed!)Tweeny loves that wicker toy with feathers on it. She'll carry it around looking all feathery around her mouth! Bella was having a "spiffy moment" yesterday--was zooming around on the top cat walks. I have to just shut my eyes. She's never fallen from there though.

We had BOXES last night! Fun,exciting and so welcome.

Sonja/sonJamack--2 cases of Fancy Feast-1 classic/1 slice
Susan345/Susan G--6 Yeooow catnip bananas While opening boxes, these bananas were
being slobbered on, played with, kicked and stolen from 1 cat to another!
Tom/TheOddMuse--5 litter scoopers/litter lifters We've tried them and they are indeed great scoopers
Cantoncat--Bonito flakes & Catviar extra yummy treats
Tammy/NYcatlover--little tortie stuffed toy for Twinkle, 4 bags of cat treats, Valentine card, plastic rings for Telo & friends, ballpoint pens, Sweetheart candy, gum, cat toys & 3 boxes of exam gloves
Anonymouse-case of Fancy Feast Delights
jldavis94 & Chiefted from CA--donation in memory of Sesame, card for Dugster, card for all the FFRC cats, letter and cat treats
littleonemine/Kelly R from CA-huge bag of bonito flakes!, case of Fancy Feast flake and case of Fancy Feast classic
Skeetokins--3 containers of Clorox wipes, super soft Charmin toilet paper
Rose F/rosef6cats from Iowa-Valentine card
Donna S/napa from MA--card and a donation in memory of Aprilla & Sesame
Irene/ladydoc17--valentine card & birthday card for my mom

We had some fun with the shakin', light up, meow making card that ladydoc sent--the cats were very intrigued by it! Nikkaross/Sherry arrived last night and will be here for the weekend. She'll be taking lots of pictures that she'll share later with you all. We will have some visitors today and tomorrow from out of state coming to pet/play with the cats and see the rescue center.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remember to get your recipes in! Colleen is still collecting them for the FFRC Cookbook. Send your recipe to: This will be a fun book for our supporters to enjoy! Telo has been playing ring toss already this morning--at least 50 times! We are working on narrowing down the quotes for "Sheriff Putter Sez". What a hard job. All of them are fun to read.

We had BOXES last night!
Quayside/Elaine & Willis--2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Friskies, 1 case of Gravy Sensation packets
Kya R, John & Sporeo--1 case of Gravy Sensation packets, daddy pompom toy, loney loops, atomic ball toys. A special love for Plymouth.
Skeetokins--a box of kitty litter which will be used today!
Love4cats/Nancy L--donation and a bunch of cat balls, mice and a special bling bling purse toy for Bella
Lillian--card for Ada Jane's Birthday with tokens and coupons

Thank you for your donations. Every item we receive and every dollar we receive is used wisely.

Our sweet Magentta fell yesterday--right into the mop bucket. She promptly received a bath. It appears she may have sprained her front leg, but seems to be better already today. We'll keep an eye on her. Dunakin has found a favorite toy--it's an 8 inch long grey mouse that he carries around.
Ernestine spent hours yesterday watching the birds at the window. She really enjoyed it. The snowangels that Judy S. and I made are now gone. We're expecting rain today. Tweeny is in high play mode. We don't even notice a limp anymore. Dunakin and Derby seems to find each other to play. It's always interesting to see the cat friendships that are made. Macallan sifted out a warm blankie out of the clean laundry to lay on. Preakness loves that new doughnut bed! All is fine here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weds., Feb. 15

Dickens is playing in his pen--such a very sweet boy. He's ready to come out and join the gang to play. I told him it'll be soon. We've been holding him a lot and fussing over him, which he loves. We just did Promise's second leukemia test and it is negative. That's good. We always run a second leukemia test 4 weeks after their arrival. Badu likes to sit on top of the filing cabinets and watch anyone who is at the desk. She sometimes comes down and stretches out on the desk. Macallan loves the mylar ball toys--he carries them around in his mouth. Niven is doing great--he acts like he's always been here, very relaxed. Diffie is making friends with every one that comes into the Rescue Center--he loves the attention. Pansy Mae is wonderful--she acts like a kitten and loves to play.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!

JoanneP in FL--a 13 inch hot laminator in memory of her dog who passed away. This will be a well used item here!

Linda4iowa--a Valentine card for Emaline and a donation to help with her medical expenses
Roberta S & her cats Chanse & Bridget in AZ--coupons and a Valentine card for all the kitties who didn't get one
Leenie and Samson, Delilah, Weasley & Dhana--valentine card
Gloria and Linda--valentine card for all the volunteers, and one also for Ada Jane, Dugster, Twinkle, Sesame and another one for all the FFRC cats
Juli--Valentine card for Magenta, plus 2 sheets of stamps and 2 WalMart gift cards
Logansmom--Valentine card for Twinkle and a donation

Thank you all ever so much for all the Valentine fun! The volunteers also received 2 dozen yummy cupcakes from Bubbles. She arranged it for Judy S to pick these up yesterday morning from Meek's Pastry. So nice of you and we love them! The FFRC cats also made a big valentine for all the webcam viewers, complete with sparkles. We showed this valentine at BOX time!

Mr. Barth from Barth Construction was here yesterday for us to talk about the new Storage Room. He will give me a new quote due to the bigger size we've decided to go with. Instead of 8 x 12, it'll be 8 x 16. I believe we will never regret adding on this extra 4 foot. It's possible construction could start week after next! This is a room I am thrilled about. When it's done, we'll probably wonder how on earth we did without it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Thank you all for your wonderful Valentine's Day wishes to the cats and rescue center. We have a Hall of Cards that is full. Love it!
The cats (rescue center, Sunporch and Kitty City & house cats) got cards, the volunteers did, I did--it's been fun! Thank you.

Sheriff Putter Sez contest for a quote is over. We must have a little over 100 quotes sent in! The volunteers are narrowing it down to the top 10 by voting individually themselves. We'll keep you posted.

Good news for the new torti/tiger kitten. The people that brought her in called last night and wondered how she was doing. I told them she was a little worried, not sure of herself. This kitten had been taken to 3 different places before coming here. I think the little baby just didn't know what to think after being bounced all over. This family said they have decided they would like to reclaim her and keep her. This is something we generally don't do, but I know them and since they've committed to this kitten, they will help her be much happier. Her spay appt. is now made for next week and they will assume this responsibility. They'll be able to help this kitten be happy.

We had BOXES, PACKAGES & ENVELOPES last night! We're so grateful.

CathiB in TX--case of Friskies, cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Whiskas chicken packets
Twiggy's mom--sent a donation in memory of Sesame, ping pong balls, stickers, Valentine cards for Farrah & girl kitties, card for Putter & boy kitties. Valentine card for all the cats
DonnaR in TX--Reese's chapstick, kitty treats, catnip mouse toys, q-tips, tee shirt that says "Got this cat for my husband...Good trade, huh?", and an angel cat statue
Littlechap & Mo the cat--Valentine cards for Muffin, Riley, Grominique, Paddy Purr
Kathy/sam in NH--valentine card for Zelda with catnip toy
Nobody0130 in FL--card for Peggy, for my mom and a card for my dad
JoanneF in MA--Valentine card for FFRC and a gift card donation
Shep/Bandita/Vicki and AnnaMarie & Neil--Shep sent a letter called "tomcats on the prowl" and a donation towards the storage room That Shep is a rascal!
MimiinFL and Buddy the Cat--valentine card for ffrc with pictures of her cats Buddy and Ollie
NikkaRoss--valentine card for Timothy, Roland, LeLe, card for Jacci
Calico17--valentine card for Octavia and FFRC
MaryT in MI--valentine card for Bella
Bluewolf--valentine card for FFRC
Sharon T from CA--valentine card for ffrc and a donation for a plaque for Sesame
Catlvr14--valentine card for Farrah
JaneB in PA-card with a gift card
Card for Dugster
Leeinoz--valentine card for Mr. Einstein Parrot
Newfiedogmom--valentine puzzle cards for Oliver, Derby, Kiara, Big Al
Jwilli667--Valentine card and donation for Dugster
CarolineAsh--valentine card for lots of kitties and people!(all Hello Kitty cards)
Helen in England--valentine card for FFRC
Bubbas--valentine card for FFRC
Janak & Honey the Cat--valentine card for Bella

We also had an adoption yesterday! Plymouth went to his new home. We had a dad and 2 kids in December adopt Gonzo. The family & Gonzo wanted another cat friend.

Ron, an e-mail friend, has sent me a floor plan of the Rescue Center that he drew up and gave us the copyright to it. So very nice of him. Please check on the new website for this design, complete with the upcoming new Storage Room. Go to About Us, then go down to Floor Plan. Thanks to Ron for your awesome work.

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Thank you all for your wonderful Valentine's Day wishes to the cats and rescue center. We have a Hall of Cards that is full. Love it!
The cats (rescue center, Sunporch and Kitty City & house cats) got cards, the volunteers did, I did--it's been fun! Thank you.

Sheriff Putter Sez contest for a quote is over. We must have a little over 100 quotes sent in! The volunteers are narrowing it down to the top 10 by voting individually themselves. We'll keep you posted.

Good news for the new torti/tiger kitten. The people that brought her in called last night and wondered how she was doing. I told them she was a little worried, not sure of herself. This kitten had been taken to 3 different places before coming here. I think the little baby just didn't know what to think after being bounced all over. This family said they have decided they would like to reclaim her and keep her. This is something we generally don't do, but I know them and since they've committed to this kitten, they will help her be much happier. Her spay appt. is now made for next week and they will assume this responsibility. They'll be able to help this kitten be happy.

We had BOXES, PACKAGES & ENVELOPES last night! We're so grateful.

CathiB in TX--case of Friskies, cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Whiskas chicken packets
Twiggy's mom--sent a donation in memory of Sesame, ping pong balls, stickers, Valentine cards for Farrah & girl kitties, card for Putter & boy kitties. Valentine card for all the cats
DonnaR in TX--Reese's chapstick, kitty treats, catnip mouse toys, q-tips, tee shirt that says "Got this cat for my husband...Good trade, huh?", and an angel cat statue
Littlechap & Mo the cat--Valentine cards for Muffin, Riley, Grominique, Paddy Purr
Kathy/sam in NH--valentine card for Zelda with catnip toy
Nobody0130 in FL--card for Peggy, for my mom and a card for my dad
JoanneF in MA--Valentine card for FFRC and a gift card donation
Shep/Bandita/Vicki and AnnaMarie & Neil--Shep sent a letter called "tomcats on the prowl" and a donation towards the storage room That Shep is a rascal!
MimiinFL and Buddy the Cat--valentine card for ffrc with pictures of her cats Buddy and Ollie
NikkaRoss--valentine card for Timothy, Roland, LeLe, card for Jacci
Calico17--valentine card for Octavia and FFRC
MaryT in MI--valentine card for Bella
Bluewolf--valentine card for FFRC
Sharon T from CA--valentine card for ffrc and a donation for a plaque for Sesame
Catlvr14--valentine card for Farrah
JaneB in PA-card with a gift card
Card for Dugster
Leeinoz--valentine card for Mr. Einstein Parrot
Newfiedogmom--valentine puzzle cards for Oliver, Derby, Kiara, Big Al
Jwilli667--Valentine card and donation for Dugster
CarolineAsh--valentine card for lots of kitties and people!(all Hello Kitty cards)
Helen in England--valentine card for FFRC
Bubbas--valentine card for FFRC
Janak & Honey the Cat--valentine card for Bella

We also had an adoption yesterday! Plymouth went to his new home. We had a dad and 2 kids in December adopt Gonzo. The family & Gonzo wanted another cat friend.

Ron, an e-mail friend, has sent me a floor plan of the Rescue Center that he drew up and gave us the copyright to it. So very nice of him. Please check on the new website for this design, complete with the upcoming new Storage Room. Go to About Us, then go down to Floor Plan. Thanks to Ron for your awesome work.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12 (second posting today)

Wow! We had 3 adoptions today. I'm so happy because all 3 cats went to awesome homes.
Sari left this morning with Karen (Rinacat). I believe Sari will fit right in and be happy. Last night, Sari was given a card that we read to her, from Janet/Janak that she enjoyed! This afternoon, Picasso went to a new home where there's lots of TLC to be given to him. The new family really liked him and the feeling was mutual with Picasso. Holly also went to her new home with another webcam friend, Val. She previously adopted Cessna and Dulcy. Can you imagine the rockin' and a rollin' that house is going to be with 3 teenager kittens! What fun.

We also took in a new kitten today and a new kitten 2 days ago. The brown tiger, male, about 16 weeks came on Friday. The torti, female, also about 16 weeks came today. Names will happen soon! They both are sweet but in need of a kitty friend, so they will be put in the same pen tomorrow for cat company. Being in Dodger's Pen will also give them more familiarity with people.

We had lots of visitors today also. One family, Amber and 3 of her girls came and brought donations in memory of my dad. My mom happened to be here for breakfast and so was able to see the donations. We both enjoyed it. Thanks Amber and family for doing this.

We also received 2 other donations in memory of my dad. These were from Joe & Beth/midnightann from FL and Kelly/littleonemine from CA. Their donations will go towards the new storage room. Thank you for this. My mom was pleased also.

People that helped today were Lisa, Mary H, Connie D, Paul and Cheri.

Sunday, Feb. 12

Rinacat/Karen and Deb11111 arrived yesterday afternoon from Minnesota to visit. This morning, they left, with Sari in tow for Karen! I do believe Sari will be a queen in her new household. We'll have to see who becomes the 3rd cat now up on the counter for breakfast time. We also had Gemini and her mom come for a visit! It's always so nice to have visitors. Bella continues to do well--no more tremors. It's possible she may not have any more episodes. Be assured, we will watch her closely. Bella has been lounging in all the big poof beds--she loves it and will stay for hours in her beds. Jacen and Jaina know they're sibs and always nap together--so sweet. Putter is doing good and maintaining his weight. Twinkle is eating better now and has gained back a little of her lost weight. PaddyCake has taught lots of the cats how to make the Cat Go Round wheel just zip!

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES and PACKAGES last night!
Shazzadoodle--cat card from her cat Smudgie, treats for Plymouth, newsletter from her local animal shelter, Valentine card for Plymouth (from Smudgie), cat treats and mouse toys
Mary B from TX--note pad, card for Peggy and Jacci's mom, picture of Striker, Grizzabella, Henry and Guiness.
Hanna, our sweet friend sent an envelope for Putter with a Poem
Michlynn--2 big, awesome, colorful rugs
Sueann from OH--sardines (!), adult & kitten Iams dry food, kitty toys, a Valentine card for Cyrilla, cans of chicken, tuna packets and treats for the dogs
Musyc/Bonnie S, Bev, Jan & Sasha from Iowa--sent a card, donation and a box of canned Friskies
Stinkypeeps--hand decorated box, Valentine card for Picasso, pop tabs for Kellen, hand made catnip hearts, magnet with a cat picture, then Picasso jumped into the box and stayed there!
Tamara/trb from FL--pictures of cat Scooter & Otis, card for Sesame
Maiden Heaven--Valentine card
Cape Cod Cat--Valentine card for Soyboy
Schinn81/susan--Valentine card for Shasta & a donation for the storage room, picture of Ralph boy and Cleo
Eleanor F from CT--card fo Jacci's mom, donation for Aprilla & Sesame and her cat Sheba
Lillian M from IL--Valentine card with Putter on it with lots of the cats names on the card, a post card for the kitties and a Secret Angel medal and heartfelt note
Cape Cod Cat--Valentine card for Charlie
Barbara F/lgecco--card for FiFi and a check for FiFi's upcoming surgery(s)
Judy L from OH--Valentine card for all the cats and card for the volunteers, also enclosed a donation for the storage room in memory of Aprilla and Sesame
Laurie/felinetoyz--sent Calentine card for Bella
Selky & Blue (2 meezers) sent a valentine card from Canada with their pictures on it!
Cards from Northsbor, NC for Cosimo, Asha, Diffie, Annony, Twinkle, Cutie, Turing
Mamie--Valentine card for Niven
Wisconsin friend sent e-mail Birthday card for Ada Jane
Lorrel R--card for Sari (from her cat who is an admirer!)
Bag of sardines for Jacci from Sari
A box of birthday food and treats for Ada Jane from OMP

From Karen and Deb (Minnesota)--2 bottles of wine, a big very soft blankie, chips and card for volunteers, laundry soap, treats, toys, cubes, meowmix (4 cases), kitty litter, paper plates, big marshmallow bed, trash bags
Lenz--clock, paper and pens
Gemini, Gem's mom and John--3 cases of Friskies, big bag of styrofoam plates, toys

Thank you so much for the donations. All items are received with gratitude! If, or I should say, when I make an error on a name or the gift, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to me. I'd appreciate it and will correct my error.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 11

We have now reached 2 MILLION total views on our webcam. This is utterly astounding to me. I remember when we hit our first 100, then 1,000. I thought that was amazing! We have grown, we have experienced a few hard moments, but by far, we have experienced wonderful, exciting times on the cam. We love sharing our Rescue Center with others. Thank you for joining us!

Colleen is still collecting recipes for the FFRC cookbook. There's still time to send your recipes to her! I want to send in a sardine recipe! If you use Fresh Step kitty litter and don't use the Paw Points that are on the container, we'll take them! Just cut them out (make sure you include the entire number that's on the backside) and mail them to us. We collect them, send them in and get coupons for free litter! Another thought too--if you have coupons that you don't use, we will also accept those. They could be for anything, as what we don't use here directly for the Rescue Center, we will share with the volunteers. Diane M (volunteer) is taking on handling this project.

A new page is being added to our new website. It's about Questions Frequently Asked. Check it out, although it's just in the baby stages yet. The site is:
I'll also be working on another page soon about the History of FFRC. That should be another fun page to do.

We have a hold on Niven now....yes, already we do! He will go to a wonderful home this next Friday. The home he's going into has already adopted from us. Ada Jane had a wonderful birthday yesterday. She was hugged, kissed and held a lot. I think she really enjoyed it. She also received some birthday cards.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night.

EchoDenmark--a valentine box of treats for Cutie, a Kong toy, a big box of cat treats, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Friskies (all tuna, Bella's favorite) and a letter to Cutie.
Yellowrose--2 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Friskies and 2 cases of Party Mix cat treats
Icemaiden and her cat Max--awesome floofie, woolie and soft pillow cases, a huge poof (marshmallow) pillow and a letter from Max to Jacci. Also included was an Acme box distributed by RoadRunner and Wylie Coyote (box of nuts and bolts and blocks) to trigger my shaking box fun!!
Hannah--our special young friend from IN--Valentine cards to Jacci, moderators, volunteers and cammers, Temptation treats, treats for the dogs, case of Meow Mix Toppers, bag of dry food and a case of Whiska dinners

LaRae--birthday card for Ada Jane
Dewitty--Valentine card for Octavia and 2 "get out of jail free cards". I'm sure Octavia will need these!
Betsy & Mike S--thank you card, pics of their kitties and a Walmart gift card
Sigrid (volunteer)--a Valentine card for Merci
Donna and her cat Tazzie--a Valetine card for FiFi & a donation to go towards FiFi's medical expenses
Dewitty--a Valentine card for Sevaun
CherylAnn--a card for Jacci and a poem "I'm Still With You"
Lyla Jane--a Valentine card for Promise
Joy & Tiffany--Valentine card for Magentta, postcard from Germany and a birthday card for my mom
Lois Ann/annml from Iowa--2 packages of Cat Crazies toys which the cats are already playing with
Betz--Valentine card for Cutie and a donation toward the new storage room
Xenamolina & Elvis, Max, Baby & Oreo--Valentine cards for FiFi, Twinkle and Sesame and pictures of her kitties, a kitty pin and a Hello Kitty Watch and a letter
WisconsinListner2011--birthday card for Ada Jane
Smudgie Cat--sent a Valentine card to Plymouth
Mamie--a Valentine card for Niven

Thank you so much for your donation to the rescue center. This is a HUGE help to us. Every item will be used and every penny of every donation will be used wisely.

It has been decided to change the plans for the new Storage Room just a little. Instead of adding a 8 x 12, it will be 8 x 16. This extra 4 feet will make a huge difference. As my dad always said--do it right at the beginning, instead of going back to fix your mistakes. The quote will be adjusted a little. I feel this is the right choice to make.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, Feb.10th

A busy and very fun day yesterday! We had Peggy's (volunteer) card birthday party on 12:30. She was so very surprised. She received so many cards. I do believe our Peggy was a bit overwhelmed! She loved it and asked me to pass on a huge thank you to all that helped her celebrate her day. Speaking of birthdays, today is Ada Jane's 17th birthday. Wow! We'll give her lots of hugs and kisses today.

Yesterday Tweeny and Sari went to the vet's. Tweeny had an x-ray of her leg that she's been limping on. It's improved alot this week, but wanted to make double sure all was well, which it was. Her bones, joints, shoulder, growth plates (remember, she's still a kitty), and her nerves all looked good. So, we'll continue with 1 more day of cage rest and soreness pills, then she'll be sprung to be out and about. Sari went for a dental. She had her teeth scaled and 4 teeth removed--2 little incisors and 2 molars. She scarfed down 2 tubs of FF Appetizers last night! Her stool sample was also negative. Now she'll have nice clean teeth to go to her new home this weekend.

Saturday should be a busy day with lots of visitors. We love visitors! We took in a new young male cat yesterday. He appears to be a ragdoll (lavender). He is already neutered and ever so nice. He arrived with a large amount of fleas. A capstar and bath took care of that. He's been tested (negative for heartworm, FIV and leukemia), wormed and vaccinated already. He has a name! It is Niven which means Little Saint. This name was suggested by Hencass! A really handsome fella with crystal blue eyes.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
catguy4ever--case of Fancy Feast, mylar toy balls, Bonito flakes, 2 bottles of HE laundry soap
jatcat--4 replacement pads for the turbo track (to be shared with Kitty City), 6 large tapes and bonito flakes
Jillr27--case of baby chicken food
mis9690--7 cases of baby food, card for Tweeny
Lance from UT--donation and pill boxes for the rescue cats
Liz & Eric from OH----valentine cards for Amos, Turing and Diffie
Chery L/calogan from CA--card for all FFRCers and Peggy
Ruthann D in Colorado--cards for my mom, Peggy and Gregg
Michlynn & her kittens sent a Valentine card for FFRC and Georgia
Gloria C--donation in memory of Sesame and Aprilla
Kelly F in TX--a card to FFRC and a donation
Steve & Debbie B--a card for all FFRC kitties, but mentioned Twinkle and a card for Bella
Julie and her cat Miss Molly Marie Fuss Budge Miss Priss--had a truck driver drop off a gift for us (Defiance was close to his route!)--9 bags of 42 lb. scoopable litter, Clorox Wipes, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, a cat tunnel, cat treats

I'm very grateful for these gifts. Please know that I appreciate these donations. They are very important to us.

A webcam friend sent this to me yesterday that I just love. "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind". These great words were spoken by Dr. Seuss!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 9

What a joyful day! The cats are silly and running/playing everywhere. I think I've tossed Telo's plastic ring at least 50 times already today. Asha has enjoyed a belly rub. Paddy Cake, Macallan and Dunakin have been watching the birds at the feeders for the past half hour. Georgia has been dragging around a catnip toy and daring anyone to take it from her. Preakness is here in the office with the long red snake.

We have Telo and Sari at the vet's right now. Sari is there to get her pearly teeth all cleaned and to have a stool sample done. Telo is there too for an x-ray of her front left leg. It has been doing much better, but this morning she was holding it up, off to get an x-ray. We'll know more later today. Both will return yet today.

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES & PACKAGES last night--had alot of fun. We're ever so grateful. These are the things that help keep us afloat.

Acctconnect--box of plastic rings for Telo (he's already playing with them)
Beverly--a beautifully decorated bag filled with candy, cards for mom and Peggy, cat toy, catnip cat dancer, Pawpoints, Eeeek toy, dental toys, emergy boards, cat treats
Gloria & Linda from Georgia--a box for Ada Jane (birthday is tomorrow!) lots of Ada Jane type treats-Whiskas, Whiska Lickins, beloved chicken breast food, & appetizers
Linell37--card with a note, kitty toys, pictures of her babies, a Valentine card for all FFRC kitties, cards for mom and Peggy, lots of cat treats, Whiska food, appetizers, gravy sensations, and a lovely plaque with a "We Love You" sentiment!
Frances R in Illinois--a box for Shasta with a valentine card, cat treats and postie-notes
Madisonpepper & her fur family (including her newest baby, a tri-pod named Christmas), sent 6 boxes of appetizers
Siggisurfing in FL--3 boxes of litter, fancy feast, dry cat food Iams, Clorox wipes, FF medleys, huge bag of cat treats
Whitsterxo from Ohio, sent a note, a Cozy Climber cat toy, snacks, scruchy toys and a colorful large homemade blankie
Dorothy Y in CA--cards for Peggy, Steve, mom and Livvy
Gregg received a donation from Patty P in memory of his cat Little Girl who passed away recently.
Gemini--Valentine cards fr Ernestine, Gromminique, Buffy, Raza, Honey and Simone
CJcat--donation and a picture of her cats climbing the grass cloth walls!
Tom P from NJ--a valentine card that just so happened to be signed by many of the FFRC cats!
Kiwinz--a valentine card for County and Cliff
Nancepants--a valentine card for Peverly
Mary B in CA--lots of coupons
Volunteer Pam also brought coupons
CheryL--a valentine card for Sari and me
DeEtte--a valentine card fo Dunakin, Meow, Sylvan, Preakness and a card from the FFRC cats to me!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful, ornery Shasta was adopted. She went to a home where she was already loved! We now have holds on Sari, Peverley, Tweeny and Derby. Oh happy homes for these cats! Remember Saturday will be filled with many webcam visitors. We love visitors.

This Rescue Center is a happy place. We love what we do here and do it with a passion that drives us to love each and every cat. We tend to their needs because we WANT to. If you ever have suggestions or a question, don't hesitate to e-mail me. The e-mail is ALL e-mails are kept private. Your support, love and generosity of friendship is so welcome and appreciated.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weds., Feb. 8

Tweeny's leg is much better today. Swelling is almost gone and she's bearing weight now on it. Our vet is saying to keep our game plan as is. Rest, rest, rest. Tweeny really loves napping in that hammock! I believe that Jacen's tail grew even longer--he waves it around like a flag. Merci has decided she now likes the front office. She's broadening her horizon and is out and about more. Farrah continues to be seizure free. She still is a tad clumsy at times, but our vet wants us to keep her dose as is. Pansy Mae, the torti that was returned, is doing pretty good. Is becoming more relaxed. She loves to be petted. FiFi is being carried around this morning, showing her "the tour". She is getting her ointment in her eyes twice a day. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr had their muffs trimmed this morning--makes it easier for them to groom themselves. Sari has an appointment tomorrow morning to have her teeth cleaned. That way they'll be sparkly clean for her adoption. On Saturday, rinacat will be arriving from Minnesota to adopt Sari. Another webcam friend will be accompanying rinacat--Deb11111. We are very happy to have them come.

Nikkaross has been busy creating another album of FFRC cats. It's awesome and she's so kind to share it! Check it out at:

We also have another fun thing happening. Colleen (Weasley and Dhana's mama) is handling a project for FFRC. We are going to do a cookbook as a fundraiser. This cookbook will be a compilation of recipes from all of the wonderful webcam viewers. It has the potential of being an international sensation! This is how you all can help. Please email your favorite recipe(s) to Colleen at You can send as many as you wish. Include your name, chat name if you have one and where you are from. Colleen will then compile everything, send it to a publisher and get the cookbooks printed. Let's have some fun with this!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 7

We still are smiling about our new floor and am so grateful that we're all moved back in. Our gratitude is high for your support! Little Tweeny hurt her little front leg. She's on meds to help her feel better and on cage-rest. She is so beautiful. She is napping alot in the hammock--really enjoys that. If her leg is not significantly better, she'll be making the vet trip tomorrow for an x-ray. I've talked to the vet and this is their recommendation.

I need to pass on the news about our sweet Sesame. As you probably know, he picked up a virus this past week. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't kicking this--he simply was not getting better. Last night, I listened to his heart and it was very apparent that he had some heart problems. So...this morning I called the vet to get him in for an appointment and heart work up. We had an appointment made, but our dear boy passed away before we could get him there. So sad. He went very quickly and was held by those of us who loved him, being rocked in our rocker chair.

As I've said before, death is a part of life. We here at the rescue center experience this too often but we are always privileged to be a part of their passing. Sesame was not here with us very long, but he sure was loved. And, he knew it. We hugged, smooched and held him alot. Thank you for sharing our love with him.

We had an adoption yesterday. Pocus went to his new home with Mary and Ron. She's an awesome cat going into an awesome home!

We had lots of BOXES, PACKAGES and ENVELOPES last night. Such a big variety of things and so very gratefully received.

Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Rgecko--a new Pirate Ship (I believe this is their 4th ship, all used till they were used up!)
Renee C--Sensations kitty treats
Anonymous--BFF canned food (tuna & bonita and tuna & chicken)
Littleonemine--Mega bags Temptations treats, toys, FloWand, fancy feast appetizers, almonds, blankets, PawPrints Coupons and lots of treats & nuts for the volunteers
Secret Admirer--box full of treats fo kitties and treats for volunteers
Rose F from Iowa--cards for Jacci and her mom, kitty toys, 2 blankets, donation for storage room, beautiful blue scarf for Jacci, knitted snake cat toy
Patti P, Franscea, Moon Dog, Willow & Sunflower--post card, new collars, thistle socks, baby food, Bumblebee salmon, disinfectant wipes
S. Haylock--4 liquid paper
Lois M--#25 lbs of Fresh Step litter
Robin H--Paw Points, bag of pop tabs, Valentine card and donation
Mamie--valentine card
Sigrig L--letter and donation
Lois M--coil toys and cat nip clipper toys
Connie S--plastic ring toys and pop tabs
ColleenMP--cat treats, coupons and cat collars
Jennifer/Jwilly667--donation for storage room
Bantryhill--donation in memory of Sabrina T Cat III (cantoncat's cat)
FFRC cats sent Jacci a Valentine Card!
Napa--Valentine card to volunteers, webcammers, moderators
Debra S--card and donation
Tammy P--tidy cat coupon and donation
Gusti--donation from Germany
Robert & Mary (TX)--donation
Mary L--letter, poem & donation
Cathy B12--Valentine card and donation
Sigrid (volunteer)--postcard

The kitties received some Valentine Cards. This was so much fun!
Emmaline--Patti P, Franscea, Moon dog, Willow & Sunflower
Telo--Connie S
Sesame--from a friend
Bella--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Ada Jane--Silly Sticks
Hank--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Paddy Cats--Suzie Cat Star
Jaina--Maya & Shelly H
Jacen--Maya & Shelly H
Jonah--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Cosimo--Robert & Mary T of Texas

Most of the cats that received a card were held up to the cam for all to see. Bella especially loved her card and laid with it quite a while! We have each and every card taped to our Wall of Cards! A big thanks to Carrie for organizing this fun event!

If ever, I make an error or neglect to list a gift, please don't hesitate to e-mail me with a correction. I would appreciate it.

The cats have been climbing, running and generally have visited every speck of the rescue center this past day! They love the tent that was received at Christmas. We just put it together and it's a big hit! Preakness has discovered all the bird feeders at the windows--she spends much time checking the birds out. Grominique has become such a loverbug--such a joy! Badu has let me groom her magnificent bib of fur.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Feb. 6

Happy Day! We are moved back into the main area of the Rescue Center. We are so happy and grateful! We spent half of the morning and half of the afternoon moving back in. It took awhile as we wanted to sweep and wipe off everything as it came thru the door. The floor is awesome and beautiful and very durable. It was a bit of a rough week, but we made it thru. The cats are thrilled to have their whole Rescue Center back. There's been a lot of playing and running going on! Late afternoon we were finally ready to open the door to the front office and let the cats back in.This was called The Running of the Cats! The first one out was Georgia! Then they all started coming thru the doorway. A few hung back, like "You've told us for a whole week, we must not go in there, and now you want us to?"! We certainly had fun watching them explore again. Cats have such awesome memories. It didn't take them long at all to get back into their routines. I want to thank our volunteers who helped us thru this big ordeal. It required a lot of work, but they made it possible. I want to extend a huge thank you and hug to all of you "out there" who also made this floor possible. Between the donations earmarked for the floor, your votes that helped us win the $5,000 from Petfinders/The Animal Rescue Site and your emotional support for us, we made it thru this week! I am grateful.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 4 (second blog for today)

I also wanted to say a big thank you for our BOXES last night!

Siggisurfing--4 of the 20 pound boxes of multi-cat litter, a note from her cat Smokey and Smokey's cousin Zelda, bag of Publix dry cat food, Fancy Feast dry food, q-tips, Crave cat treats, lots of can of cat food, including Fancy Feast, ping pong balls, Office Max coupons, sardines

Twocatsfromnj/Demian--Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 3 cases of Fancy Feast medleys, Whiska Lickins tender treats

Carol in Penns.--Royal butter cookies (extra yum!), bag of Iams food, stickers, lots of different flavors of Farrah's pill pockets, pill crusher, Yeow catnip toys

Thank you all ever so much! I am always appreciative of the donations that we receive.

Remember to check out the new website: New things are continually being added.

FiFi loves the new catnip cigar--carries it and bites and kicks it! The cats have brought in a few dead leaves from their porch enclosure which always provides fun for them. Farrah continues to take her seizure meds twice a day. Paddy Cake likes to sit on the stool in front of the door, looking out over the new floor. I'm sure he's wishing he could go out and run around in there. Won't be much longer!

Saturday, Feb. 4

The floor work guys just left--they are done! They were here a couple hours this morning and put the 4 inch vinyl mop boards up. Everything looks so very nice. All of the floor is rock hard now except for one little spot in front of the door by the Welcome Room. It's about 95% done. We are on schedule. Martha L and Angie are coming today to wash down the walls, window sills, cat walks, etc. Moving in day is still planned for tomorrow. I'm so excited about moving back in! The cats had an extra special breakfast this morning--sardines, fancy feast appetizers and medleys and baby food. This was my way of telling them I think they're awesome. They really have done well this week, with all the changes. They ate every scrap of their breakfast!

Nikkaross, who visits the rescue center and takes pictures, has a wonderful site she is willing to share. You'll have to visit it. The pictures are terrific. Please go to: I believe you will enjoy her site.

Sesame is feeling better--he was a it under the weather yesterday. We had snow this morning, but we still opened the flap to the outdoor porch enclosure. 22 cats went straight out again today! They love it. Twinkle ate 1/2 can of chicken today all by herself. Next weekend, Sari will be meeting her new mama! I've heard from Cosimo. He's doing fine and is walking almost normal now. It sounds like he's a happy boy and should be returning after we move back in.

Jaina did just fine with her spay yesterday. They wanted to do an EKG on her, but she was too frisky to do it (sounds like her, doesn't it?!). She had no trouble at all with the anesthesia meds. Jacen had his chest x-ray done. It showed a very mild form of cardiomyopathy. His heart muscles are only slightly enlarged. Jaina is mild to moderate. So....for now, we keep track of their respirations, color and activity level.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, Feb. 3

The floor received it's last coat of application--polyurethane yesterday. This morning it is still slightly tacky so they have to wait before putting on the 4 inch vinyl mop boards. Hope it finishes drying quickly. Our plans are still on Saturday to completely wipe down the rescue center top to bottom to get it dust-free. On Sunday at 11:00 we plan on moving in! I cannot wait for this event! The volunteers and cats have been awesome thru this week. This morning when I opened the little cat door to the outdoor enclosure, 22 cats went out within minutes.

Yesterday we had 1 packet. It was a Zanies Laser Beam Mouse toy--will provide lots of fun. Thanks to S. Haylock for this gift.

Dr. Amanda who is FiFi's vet, called last night. After consulting with a vet opthamalogist, it was decided to wait until mid March to do her entropian surgery. This will allow for more mature development of her eyelids. In the meantime, we will be applying antibiotic ointment in her eyes twice daily.

Jaina and Jacen are both at the vets right now. Jaina will have an EKG before her spay surgery just to make sure her heart can tolerate the surgery. Jacen will have a chest x-ray to see if he has the same enlarged heart problem that Jaina does. We'll keep you all posted.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 2

Happy Groundcat's Day--(the cats made me say that!). The cats are saying that spring will be here soon, so be sure to get those cats and dogs neutered and spayed soon.

We had a change of plans on the floor. Yesterday, the guys put down the 4th and last coat of epoxy (interlaced with the blue quartz). This morning they laid down the last coat--a polyurethane. It sure did smell for a little while. We opened up all the doors and windows. Tomorrow morning they'll be back to put on the 4 inch vinyl white mop boards. Then, they're done! Now, it's a waiting time for us, to let the floor become dry and hard. It's beautiful!

We had BOXES yesterday!
s. haylock sent 2 large glass cleaners, kitty litter, a bag of Pounce treats and 2 boxes of baby rice cereal.

KiwiNZ--letter from NZ with card and stamps for Chinese New Year (for my mom)
Gloria C & Linda M--letter from Atlanta, GA with card and donation

Paddy sent us a card from his visit to Mt. Vernon. He will soon be leaving Mamie and going to his next destination.

This morning we opened the door for the cats to go out to their outdoor porch enclosure. Within a matter of minutes, 21 cats were already out there, even in the dark. They love it. In this fairly mild weather, it's so nice they can still go out there and enjoy the fresh air.

Tomorrow, FiFi and Jaina will be going to the vet's office in the morning for their surgery. We will also be sending Jacen along for his chest x-ray. As soon as we get results and surgeries are done, we'll let you know.

Telo is still chasing his plastic rings, Ada Jane is eating good, Shasta is still eating everything she can find, Ernestine is settling into the new office routine, Derby is finding every toy he can with feathers to play all is fine here and we're happy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Today is really a happy Feb. day! Sorry I messed up the date yesterday. I am typing this with Badu balanced on my leg. Just love this girl. She's a talker, mostly nice talk and she likes to give kisses when she wants to. We are on our 3rd day of putting in the new floor. Today the last coat of epoxy is put on, which is being done his morning. This afternoon, the polyurethane will be put on. Then the floor has to dry. Tomorrow morning, the guys will be back to put on the floor mop boards (a 4 inch vinyl strip). Then the floor dries, dries, dries. The longer it goes, the harder it gets. We're getting closer to being done. The cats are settling into their new room environment. They had the flap open all day yesterday to their outdoor enclosure. It's a little cooler today, but will have it open part time again this morning and afternoon.

We have thanks to give. Last night we opened BOXES and had a nice chat.

Skeetokins--3 containers of Lysol disinfecting wipes
LuAnnMarie--bonito flakes, chicken pill pockets, can of KMR powder, 3-12 packs of chicken Whiskas, large bag of Diamond dry ca food
Anonymous--case of Fancy Feast Classic Seafood
jacat--box cutter, blades and a bag to hold them in
carolineash--refrig. magnet
sunny501949--postcard from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mayumi Takeda from Japan--postage stamps for my mom

We also received the $1,000 from PetFinders for having the most votes for the second week of the voting contest! This donation will be put in an account for the new Storage Room! So excited about this and grateful for all the votes.

Zelda, Picasso, Holly and Preakness are my new desk friends. They're very helpful, or so they think. Octavia is upset as she has no way of thieving here in the front office. Grominique is loving this--super friendly. Asha is doing great--very relaxed. Twinkle is still getting her special chicken meals. I've heard from Ayla's new family and all are happy!