Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Today is really a happy Feb. day! Sorry I messed up the date yesterday. I am typing this with Badu balanced on my leg. Just love this girl. She's a talker, mostly nice talk and she likes to give kisses when she wants to. We are on our 3rd day of putting in the new floor. Today the last coat of epoxy is put on, which is being done his morning. This afternoon, the polyurethane will be put on. Then the floor has to dry. Tomorrow morning, the guys will be back to put on the floor mop boards (a 4 inch vinyl strip). Then the floor dries, dries, dries. The longer it goes, the harder it gets. We're getting closer to being done. The cats are settling into their new room environment. They had the flap open all day yesterday to their outdoor enclosure. It's a little cooler today, but will have it open part time again this morning and afternoon.

We have thanks to give. Last night we opened BOXES and had a nice chat.

Skeetokins--3 containers of Lysol disinfecting wipes
LuAnnMarie--bonito flakes, chicken pill pockets, can of KMR powder, 3-12 packs of chicken Whiskas, large bag of Diamond dry ca food
Anonymous--case of Fancy Feast Classic Seafood
jacat--box cutter, blades and a bag to hold them in
carolineash--refrig. magnet
sunny501949--postcard from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mayumi Takeda from Japan--postage stamps for my mom

We also received the $1,000 from PetFinders for having the most votes for the second week of the voting contest! This donation will be put in an account for the new Storage Room! So excited about this and grateful for all the votes.

Zelda, Picasso, Holly and Preakness are my new desk friends. They're very helpful, or so they think. Octavia is upset as she has no way of thieving here in the front office. Grominique is loving this--super friendly. Asha is doing great--very relaxed. Twinkle is still getting her special chicken meals. I've heard from Ayla's new family and all are happy!