Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 26

The Rescue Center had many visitors yesterday. We all enjoy having people come enjoy the cats. People benefit, it's good PR and the cats LOVE it! We had 2 adoptions also. Val and her sister and niece came from Michigan. Val adopted Dickens/Piper. I've already heard from her and things are going great. Dickens was a tad bit shy, but Val is winning his confidence and love! Our other kitten, Beyaz went to his new home also. He went to a family that has already adopted from us before: Ping, Pong and Ylee. Another wonderful home. We did find the home where O'Malley belongs. I took him there, we had a lengthy talk of pet ownership. O'Malley was very happy to see his family. This is very unusual for a cat to be claimed--I have only seen it happen 3 times. They will be making an appointment next week to get him neutered and we'll follow thru on this end to be sure this happens (we are helping with the cost of this neuter).

Rory, the American Short Hair, has been moved to Dodger's Pen so he has more people contact. He seems relaxed and is enjoying watching all the action. Our sweet Angel Kisses is recovering very nicely from her surgeries. She can sit up, get to her food bowls and the litter box all by herself. Over time she'll develop better muscle tone in her legs. She loves to be petted and likes to cuddle up to Lilly--the stuffed black/white cat toy.

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES & PACKAGES last night! Thanks is given to you for your support.
Cathy H from CA--sent a donation with a very nice letter
Lois--birthday card for my mom
Val S--birthday card for my mom
Lee J--birthday card for my mom
Linnell & Mark S from Minnesota--a letter with lots of coupons for ffrc and the volunteers to use
Tony B/onebadone and Neffertit--sent a sample of a new flea repellent for the rescue center to try
Val H and sister Shelley H--each made a donation for the storage room
Kiwi from New Zealand--sent a beautiful card and a special chocolate treat for the volunteers
Steve, Carla & William (beachkatz & unclekat) from Oregon--card, pictures of their cats, postcards, 2 beds for Kitty City, candy for the volunteers, Rory had a gift for Einstein, case of Friskies, cat toys, hand sanitizer, 3 blankies, Mr. Clean magic erasers, large straws, flannel pillowcases, canned chicken for Twinkle, sardines (!), scratcher replacement pads and a great brush self groomer toy (that Bella especially loves already). What a nice box, how generous!

We had 2135 hits on PetFinders last week. The top 6 cats were Badu, Promise, Emaline, Dunakin, Zelda and Octavia.