Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 18

We had an adoption yesterday. Our wonderful, handsome Niven went to an awesome home. This family has previously adopted from us and I believe these 2 cats will have some fun together. We've already heard from them and sounds like things are going smoothly. We have several people coming to visit the rescue center today. Sherry/Nikkaross is also here for the weekend. We love visitors and should be fun, plus lots of extra petting for the cats! Our newbie kitten, Beyaz is here in the office with me for a bit. He was wailing very very loudly in Cat's Corner Room. He wanted OUT and out RIGHT NOW. So he's running around like a goofy kitten, playing with a yellow Yeow banana. We'll put him back in Cat's Corner Room with Dickens and Snuzzles for the morning.

Our volunteer Diane is making her way to Florida today. While she's there enjoying the sunshine, she is entrusting her cat that she adopted from us, to our care. Missa is a beautiful torti. She ate a good breakfast today.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you so much for this support
Javajoe--case of flaked Fancy Feast & a play & squeak toy (which has already been well used)
Thomas W--lots of coil toys (we love to give 1-2 of these away at adoptions as the cats love to play with these)
Siggisurfing--donation and a cat-mat with catnip (already has been napped on)
Anonymous--3 cases of baby food, turkey, beef and chicken
BubblesLaDoo--a beautiful slate clock

I wanted to give you an update on the AdSense. This is money the Rescue Center earns by viewers clicking on the ads (below the cam) to learn more about the products displayed. For Dec., we earned $662.03. In Jan., we earned $409.13.

I would also like to offer a sincere apology. Yesterday I was having what I thought was a private conversation with a friend. I thought the sound was off. I should've checked it, but neglected to do that. I'm sorry this may have put anyone in an awkward position. Many of you turned your sound off, which I appreciate.

We had a weird "happening" yesterday with our computers here. The internet kept going down. We could get back on line, including the cam, and down it would go again. I called our internet provider. After much searching they discovered that FFRC and a lawyer's office was both on the same IP number. Once that was straightened out, all was well.