Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Thank you all for your wonderful Valentine's Day wishes to the cats and rescue center. We have a Hall of Cards that is full. Love it!
The cats (rescue center, Sunporch and Kitty City & house cats) got cards, the volunteers did, I did--it's been fun! Thank you.

Sheriff Putter Sez contest for a quote is over. We must have a little over 100 quotes sent in! The volunteers are narrowing it down to the top 10 by voting individually themselves. We'll keep you posted.

Good news for the new torti/tiger kitten. The people that brought her in called last night and wondered how she was doing. I told them she was a little worried, not sure of herself. This kitten had been taken to 3 different places before coming here. I think the little baby just didn't know what to think after being bounced all over. This family said they have decided they would like to reclaim her and keep her. This is something we generally don't do, but I know them and since they've committed to this kitten, they will help her be much happier. Her spay appt. is now made for next week and they will assume this responsibility. They'll be able to help this kitten be happy.

We had BOXES, PACKAGES & ENVELOPES last night! We're so grateful.

CathiB in TX--case of Friskies, cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Whiskas chicken packets
Twiggy's mom--sent a donation in memory of Sesame, ping pong balls, stickers, Valentine cards for Farrah & girl kitties, card for Putter & boy kitties. Valentine card for all the cats
DonnaR in TX--Reese's chapstick, kitty treats, catnip mouse toys, q-tips, tee shirt that says "Got this cat for my husband...Good trade, huh?", and an angel cat statue
Littlechap & Mo the cat--Valentine cards for Muffin, Riley, Grominique, Paddy Purr
Kathy/sam in NH--valentine card for Zelda with catnip toy
Nobody0130 in FL--card for Peggy, for my mom and a card for my dad
JoanneF in MA--Valentine card for FFRC and a gift card donation
Shep/Bandita/Vicki and AnnaMarie & Neil--Shep sent a letter called "tomcats on the prowl" and a donation towards the storage room That Shep is a rascal!
MimiinFL and Buddy the Cat--valentine card for ffrc with pictures of her cats Buddy and Ollie
NikkaRoss--valentine card for Timothy, Roland, LeLe, card for Jacci
Calico17--valentine card for Octavia and FFRC
MaryT in MI--valentine card for Bella
Bluewolf--valentine card for FFRC
Sharon T from CA--valentine card for ffrc and a donation for a plaque for Sesame
Catlvr14--valentine card for Farrah
JaneB in PA-card with a gift card
Card for Dugster
Leeinoz--valentine card for Mr. Einstein Parrot
Newfiedogmom--valentine puzzle cards for Oliver, Derby, Kiara, Big Al
Jwilli667--Valentine card and donation for Dugster
CarolineAsh--valentine card for lots of kitties and people!(all Hello Kitty cards)
Helen in England--valentine card for FFRC
Bubbas--valentine card for FFRC
Janak & Honey the Cat--valentine card for Bella

We also had an adoption yesterday! Plymouth went to his new home. We had a dad and 2 kids in December adopt Gonzo. The family & Gonzo wanted another cat friend.

Ron, an e-mail friend, has sent me a floor plan of the Rescue Center that he drew up and gave us the copyright to it. So very nice of him. Please check on the new website for this design, complete with the upcoming new Storage Room. Go to About Us, then go down to Floor Plan. Thanks to Ron for your awesome work.