Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, Feb. 3

The floor received it's last coat of application--polyurethane yesterday. This morning it is still slightly tacky so they have to wait before putting on the 4 inch vinyl mop boards. Hope it finishes drying quickly. Our plans are still on Saturday to completely wipe down the rescue center top to bottom to get it dust-free. On Sunday at 11:00 we plan on moving in! I cannot wait for this event! The volunteers and cats have been awesome thru this week. This morning when I opened the little cat door to the outdoor enclosure, 22 cats went out within minutes.

Yesterday we had 1 packet. It was a Zanies Laser Beam Mouse toy--will provide lots of fun. Thanks to S. Haylock for this gift.

Dr. Amanda who is FiFi's vet, called last night. After consulting with a vet opthamalogist, it was decided to wait until mid March to do her entropian surgery. This will allow for more mature development of her eyelids. In the meantime, we will be applying antibiotic ointment in her eyes twice daily.

Jaina and Jacen are both at the vets right now. Jaina will have an EKG before her spay surgery just to make sure her heart can tolerate the surgery. Jacen will have a chest x-ray to see if he has the same enlarged heart problem that Jaina does. We'll keep you all posted.