Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 25

Our sweet Angel Kisses had her surgery yesterday--actually 2 of them. She was spayed in addition to her femoral head repair surgery. She came home late afternoon and is now in Patience's Pen. Angel Kisses is really doing quite well. She can sit up and she's been eating real good. We'll give her plenty of time and love to heal. What a sweet girl she is. We've moved O'Malley back to Thumper's Room. O'Malley has been an outside cat, and he's not happy about being inside. He does like Thumper's Room where he can sit on the shelves and look outside. Please remember, that we are investigating his past ownership. We believe we know where he came from, and so, must be sure that he was not a cat brought in that someone owned. Will know more today about this. Rory will come up to be in Dodger's Pen today so he can have more people contact. The pen door will be shut, but it will give him an opportunity to be around people. Such a beauty he is. He's a young cat, an American Short Hair and was in a trap behind our local police department and Eagles club. This is the cat that our volunteers Jodi and Jenni have been trying to catch. We have success and I believe he will adapt quickly to the rescue center. Jacen and Jaina are playing like 2 crazy cats. The surgery for FiFi has been changed to March 6, Tuesday. On that same day, Jaina and Jaken will go also for a second chest x-ray series. If there are no changes, they will go up for adoption. After all, they need a real home too! We, of course, would make sure that any potential family is aware of their heart disorder.

We had a BOX and a few envelopes last night!
Kelly R/Littleonemine--sent her Fruit of the Month--Big, juicy plums. So very yummy!
Vaunita from PA--sent a card from all the ffrc cats and a donation for the storage room
Barbara C from GA--sent a Valentine card and a donation
Mary B from CA--sent 2 envelopes full of coupons
Cathy P from WA--sent a card for my mom, a lovely note with a picture of her cat who was one yard long (has since passed away), and a pretty kaleidoscope picture for ffrc.
Kiwi--sent a card and a gift in memory of my dad (thank you very much)

Thank you all for your support, whether it be financial, material or moral support! It truly helps boost us all here. It's been a wonderful thing to make friends from all over the world.

Mr. Barth was here yesterday and the final draft of the new storage room is a go. The total cost is $11,500. It's possible that they may be starting the foundation next week (weather permitting)! I am extra excited about this, as it will help us be much more organized here.

A picture of Pocus before her adoption. Her new family loves her!