Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, Feb. 20

Another busy visitor day! The cats are really enjoying all of the extra attention. We moved Buttons up to June's Room yesterday. This morning, she was meowing and meowing. I believe she had decided she was ready to explore. When the door opened, she just waltzed right on out. She spent a good part of the morning just cruising around.She appears to be a talker.She and Pansy Mae look a lot alike, other than Pansy is a torti tiger and Buttons is a brown tiger. Martha L brought donuts for the volunteers today. Grominique got a hold of one and ate 1/2 of it before we discovered this. Merci was playing with Jacen this morning. Bella cleaned her baby food jar out this morning squeaky clean. Diffie is a big time bird watcher.

Yesterday, our out of town visitors brought some gifts to us.
Medic/Laura & Belinda--can Friskies, goodies for volunteers, dog treats, cat treats, blankies, Einie treat, Reece's Pieces, red heart bed, dry cat food, can chicken for Twinks, Mr. Clean, vinegar, litter, meat baby food, sardins
Speedy/Liz & Eric--can Friskies, colored paper, hand liquid soap, Mr. Clean, cat face wipes Whiskas tuna, volunteer candy
Gem & Gem's mom--tabs for Kellen

As I always ask, if I've neglected something, I'm so sorry! I try to keep things straight. We so appreciate the donations. Our quote for the tad bit bigger storage room should be here this week. This room will be so wonderful to have and will help
us be much more organized.

The newbies--Dickens, Beyaz & Snuzzles are all over the rescue center now. They've explored every inch and are happy kittens.

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