Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weds., Feb. 15

Dickens is playing in his pen--such a very sweet boy. He's ready to come out and join the gang to play. I told him it'll be soon. We've been holding him a lot and fussing over him, which he loves. We just did Promise's second leukemia test and it is negative. That's good. We always run a second leukemia test 4 weeks after their arrival. Badu likes to sit on top of the filing cabinets and watch anyone who is at the desk. She sometimes comes down and stretches out on the desk. Macallan loves the mylar ball toys--he carries them around in his mouth. Niven is doing great--he acts like he's always been here, very relaxed. Diffie is making friends with every one that comes into the Rescue Center--he loves the attention. Pansy Mae is wonderful--she acts like a kitten and loves to play.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!

JoanneP in FL--a 13 inch hot laminator in memory of her dog who passed away. This will be a well used item here!

Linda4iowa--a Valentine card for Emaline and a donation to help with her medical expenses
Roberta S & her cats Chanse & Bridget in AZ--coupons and a Valentine card for all the kitties who didn't get one
Leenie and Samson, Delilah, Weasley & Dhana--valentine card
Gloria and Linda--valentine card for all the volunteers, and one also for Ada Jane, Dugster, Twinkle, Sesame and another one for all the FFRC cats
Juli--Valentine card for Magenta, plus 2 sheets of stamps and 2 WalMart gift cards
Logansmom--Valentine card for Twinkle and a donation

Thank you all ever so much for all the Valentine fun! The volunteers also received 2 dozen yummy cupcakes from Bubbles. She arranged it for Judy S to pick these up yesterday morning from Meek's Pastry. So nice of you and we love them! The FFRC cats also made a big valentine for all the webcam viewers, complete with sparkles. We showed this valentine at BOX time!

Mr. Barth from Barth Construction was here yesterday for us to talk about the new Storage Room. He will give me a new quote due to the bigger size we've decided to go with. Instead of 8 x 12, it'll be 8 x 16. I believe we will never regret adding on this extra 4 foot. It's possible construction could start week after next! This is a room I am thrilled about. When it's done, we'll probably wonder how on earth we did without it!