Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weds., Feb. 22

BIG NEWS!! Just got an e-mail from Reader's Choice that FFRC has been selected as 1 of 6 that is up for vote for the final ballot of Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Organizations. Wow! We came in #3 out of the top 6 organizatyions. Now it's time to go public and vote for us to hopefully come in #1 place! Go to: and vote! Winner will be announced on 3/30. Voting continues until 3/21 and can vote daily. Winners don't receive a prize -- just the bragging rights that come with knowing that the readers of one of the Web's largest networks love the work that we are doing for the cats.

Tomorrow Dickens and Beyaz will make their way to Bryan for the surgeries. We have another kitten now that will accompany them. She's brand new here and her name is Angel Kisses. She is a torti/tiger, was hit by a car 6 days ago, was at a vet's office for 1 day, then transferred here. She's a dandy-a real sweetie, but with major pelvis problems. The x-rays will help us determine what we need to do. She's been tested, vaccinated and bathed now. We also have a surgery date for FiFi. It's March 7th. We're so hoping this surgery will improve her eye sight.

We had BOXES last night! Fun, always exciting for me and as always, I'm very appreciative for the support.
Virginia K--2 cases of Fancy Feast (1 grilled & 1 classic)
Quayside123--a case of Fancy Feast Delights with cheese
Aunty Bantry--4 bottles of Gold Bond hand lotion (our hands take a beating here)
Gitte from Denmark--5 pounds of KMR powder (getting ready for baby season)
Kya R/sporeo from Canada--Valentine cards for all FFRC kitties, house cats, the mods, the volunteers, Cutie, Badu, Tweeny, Twinkle, Jacen, Promise, Putter, Bella, Paddys, Telo, Dugster & Holly!! Sporeo is also the sender of Bella's self groomer!
Akik in Japan--a thank you card and sympathy card for Aprilla and a postcard
Linda/tabbylin from OH--a donation for the Tree of Giving in memory of David T
cjcat--donation in memory of Butch, Mandi, Tabby, Jaz and Bear
Donald S from Jupiter, FL--donation and a card

Dunakin is having a hard time adjusting to his new home and will probably be returning today. We'll give him lots of TLC when he returns. Badu is sleeping on my desk all stretched--almost end to end! Kathy was here last night and did 2 more paintings. Our Rescue Center is full of wonderful things that Kathy has painted. Makes it bright and cheery. Twinkle is eating good. Turing is a silly boy--loves to play with feathers.


Our Octavia, the master thief!