Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 9

What a joyful day! The cats are silly and running/playing everywhere. I think I've tossed Telo's plastic ring at least 50 times already today. Asha has enjoyed a belly rub. Paddy Cake, Macallan and Dunakin have been watching the birds at the feeders for the past half hour. Georgia has been dragging around a catnip toy and daring anyone to take it from her. Preakness is here in the office with the long red snake.

We have Telo and Sari at the vet's right now. Sari is there to get her pearly teeth all cleaned and to have a stool sample done. Telo is there too for an x-ray of her front left leg. It has been doing much better, but this morning she was holding it up, off to get an x-ray. We'll know more later today. Both will return yet today.

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES & PACKAGES last night--had alot of fun. We're ever so grateful. These are the things that help keep us afloat.

Acctconnect--box of plastic rings for Telo (he's already playing with them)
Beverly--a beautifully decorated bag filled with candy, cards for mom and Peggy, cat toy, catnip cat dancer, Pawpoints, Eeeek toy, dental toys, emergy boards, cat treats
Gloria & Linda from Georgia--a box for Ada Jane (birthday is tomorrow!) lots of Ada Jane type treats-Whiskas, Whiska Lickins, beloved chicken breast food, & appetizers
Linell37--card with a note, kitty toys, pictures of her babies, a Valentine card for all FFRC kitties, cards for mom and Peggy, lots of cat treats, Whiska food, appetizers, gravy sensations, and a lovely plaque with a "We Love You" sentiment!
Frances R in Illinois--a box for Shasta with a valentine card, cat treats and postie-notes
Madisonpepper & her fur family (including her newest baby, a tri-pod named Christmas), sent 6 boxes of appetizers
Siggisurfing in FL--3 boxes of litter, fancy feast, dry cat food Iams, Clorox wipes, FF medleys, huge bag of cat treats
Whitsterxo from Ohio, sent a note, a Cozy Climber cat toy, snacks, scruchy toys and a colorful large homemade blankie
Dorothy Y in CA--cards for Peggy, Steve, mom and Livvy
Gregg received a donation from Patty P in memory of his cat Little Girl who passed away recently.
Gemini--Valentine cards fr Ernestine, Gromminique, Buffy, Raza, Honey and Simone
CJcat--donation and a picture of her cats climbing the grass cloth walls!
Tom P from NJ--a valentine card that just so happened to be signed by many of the FFRC cats!
Kiwinz--a valentine card for County and Cliff
Nancepants--a valentine card for Peverly
Mary B in CA--lots of coupons
Volunteer Pam also brought coupons
CheryL--a valentine card for Sari and me
DeEtte--a valentine card fo Dunakin, Meow, Sylvan, Preakness and a card from the FFRC cats to me!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful, ornery Shasta was adopted. She went to a home where she was already loved! We now have holds on Sari, Peverley, Tweeny and Derby. Oh happy homes for these cats! Remember Saturday will be filled with many webcam visitors. We love visitors.

This Rescue Center is a happy place. We love what we do here and do it with a passion that drives us to love each and every cat. We tend to their needs because we WANT to. If you ever have suggestions or a question, don't hesitate to e-mail me. The e-mail is ALL e-mails are kept private. Your support, love and generosity of friendship is so welcome and appreciated.