Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 4

The floor work guys just left--they are done! They were here a couple hours this morning and put the 4 inch vinyl mop boards up. Everything looks so very nice. All of the floor is rock hard now except for one little spot in front of the door by the Welcome Room. It's about 95% done. We are on schedule. Martha L and Angie are coming today to wash down the walls, window sills, cat walks, etc. Moving in day is still planned for tomorrow. I'm so excited about moving back in! The cats had an extra special breakfast this morning--sardines, fancy feast appetizers and medleys and baby food. This was my way of telling them I think they're awesome. They really have done well this week, with all the changes. They ate every scrap of their breakfast!

Nikkaross, who visits the rescue center and takes pictures, has a wonderful site she is willing to share. You'll have to visit it. The pictures are terrific. Please go to: I believe you will enjoy her site.

Sesame is feeling better--he was a it under the weather yesterday. We had snow this morning, but we still opened the flap to the outdoor porch enclosure. 22 cats went straight out again today! They love it. Twinkle ate 1/2 can of chicken today all by herself. Next weekend, Sari will be meeting her new mama! I've heard from Cosimo. He's doing fine and is walking almost normal now. It sounds like he's a happy boy and should be returning after we move back in.

Jaina did just fine with her spay yesterday. They wanted to do an EKG on her, but she was too frisky to do it (sounds like her, doesn't it?!). She had no trouble at all with the anesthesia meds. Jacen had his chest x-ray done. It showed a very mild form of cardiomyopathy. His heart muscles are only slightly enlarged. Jaina is mild to moderate. So....for now, we keep track of their respirations, color and activity level.