Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Feb.19

Jodi with Jazzy and Einstein

Jodi with Jazzie and Einstein.

What a fun day yesterday--we had lots of visitors. I do believe the cats were worn out! Kitty City cats also had lots of attention. Melissa from Ohio was here all afternoon and enjoyed the cats. I think she petted every single one of them, including Badu. Sherry/Nikkaross was here also--took a lot of pictures that you all will enjoy. She'll be heading home today. We also had Dave & Bonnie and their son Michael visit from Michigan.

Melissa brought can food and a donation for Aprilla and Sesame.
Sherry brought canned mackerel and sardines
Bonnie & Dave brought a big yellow ducky bed, crackers for volunteers, blanket. Bonnie also makes jewelry and brought beaded keychains for the volunteers and also
beaded bracelets. They are all beautiful. A lot of work involved. She also made yarn blankies for the cats.

We had 2 adoptions! Dunakin and Georgia went to a home together. They will live in a large home with lots of room to play. The door to Cat's Corner room is now open. Beyaz and Snuzzles immediately came out and has been non-stop playing! Dickens came out this morning and was playing in Kitty Campus room. Three really nice babies. We also brought up another cat from Thumper's Room. Her name is Buttons. She's 5 years old and is a brown tiger. She's been in Thumper's Room for a week, adjusting to a big change of life. Her mama and auntie passed away in a car accident. She's doing pretty good, but I'm sure she's wondering what happened. She loves to be petted. We will open her room door soon to let her start exploring. Maybe she and Pansy Mae will become friends as both have lost of their mamas have passed away.