Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 4 (second blog for today)

I also wanted to say a big thank you for our BOXES last night!

Siggisurfing--4 of the 20 pound boxes of multi-cat litter, a note from her cat Smokey and Smokey's cousin Zelda, bag of Publix dry cat food, Fancy Feast dry food, q-tips, Crave cat treats, lots of can of cat food, including Fancy Feast, ping pong balls, Office Max coupons, sardines

Twocatsfromnj/Demian--Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 3 cases of Fancy Feast medleys, Whiska Lickins tender treats

Carol in Penns.--Royal butter cookies (extra yum!), bag of Iams food, stickers, lots of different flavors of Farrah's pill pockets, pill crusher, Yeow catnip toys

Thank you all ever so much! I am always appreciative of the donations that we receive.

Remember to check out the new website: New things are continually being added.

FiFi loves the new catnip cigar--carries it and bites and kicks it! The cats have brought in a few dead leaves from their porch enclosure which always provides fun for them. Farrah continues to take her seizure meds twice a day. Paddy Cake likes to sit on the stool in front of the door, looking out over the new floor. I'm sure he's wishing he could go out and run around in there. Won't be much longer!