Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weds., Feb. 8

Tweeny's leg is much better today. Swelling is almost gone and she's bearing weight now on it. Our vet is saying to keep our game plan as is. Rest, rest, rest. Tweeny really loves napping in that hammock! I believe that Jacen's tail grew even longer--he waves it around like a flag. Merci has decided she now likes the front office. She's broadening her horizon and is out and about more. Farrah continues to be seizure free. She still is a tad clumsy at times, but our vet wants us to keep her dose as is. Pansy Mae, the torti that was returned, is doing pretty good. Is becoming more relaxed. She loves to be petted. FiFi is being carried around this morning, showing her "the tour". She is getting her ointment in her eyes twice a day. Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr had their muffs trimmed this morning--makes it easier for them to groom themselves. Sari has an appointment tomorrow morning to have her teeth cleaned. That way they'll be sparkly clean for her adoption. On Saturday, rinacat will be arriving from Minnesota to adopt Sari. Another webcam friend will be accompanying rinacat--Deb11111. We are very happy to have them come.

Nikkaross has been busy creating another album of FFRC cats. It's awesome and she's so kind to share it! Check it out at:

We also have another fun thing happening. Colleen (Weasley and Dhana's mama) is handling a project for FFRC. We are going to do a cookbook as a fundraiser. This cookbook will be a compilation of recipes from all of the wonderful webcam viewers. It has the potential of being an international sensation! This is how you all can help. Please email your favorite recipe(s) to Colleen at You can send as many as you wish. Include your name, chat name if you have one and where you are from. Colleen will then compile everything, send it to a publisher and get the cookbooks printed. Let's have some fun with this!