Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 7

We still are smiling about our new floor and am so grateful that we're all moved back in. Our gratitude is high for your support! Little Tweeny hurt her little front leg. She's on meds to help her feel better and on cage-rest. She is so beautiful. She is napping alot in the hammock--really enjoys that. If her leg is not significantly better, she'll be making the vet trip tomorrow for an x-ray. I've talked to the vet and this is their recommendation.

I need to pass on the news about our sweet Sesame. As you probably know, he picked up a virus this past week. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't kicking this--he simply was not getting better. Last night, I listened to his heart and it was very apparent that he had some heart problems. So...this morning I called the vet to get him in for an appointment and heart work up. We had an appointment made, but our dear boy passed away before we could get him there. So sad. He went very quickly and was held by those of us who loved him, being rocked in our rocker chair.

As I've said before, death is a part of life. We here at the rescue center experience this too often but we are always privileged to be a part of their passing. Sesame was not here with us very long, but he sure was loved. And, he knew it. We hugged, smooched and held him alot. Thank you for sharing our love with him.

We had an adoption yesterday. Pocus went to his new home with Mary and Ron. She's an awesome cat going into an awesome home!

We had lots of BOXES, PACKAGES and ENVELOPES last night. Such a big variety of things and so very gratefully received.

Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Rgecko--a new Pirate Ship (I believe this is their 4th ship, all used till they were used up!)
Renee C--Sensations kitty treats
Anonymous--BFF canned food (tuna & bonita and tuna & chicken)
Littleonemine--Mega bags Temptations treats, toys, FloWand, fancy feast appetizers, almonds, blankets, PawPrints Coupons and lots of treats & nuts for the volunteers
Secret Admirer--box full of treats fo kitties and treats for volunteers
Rose F from Iowa--cards for Jacci and her mom, kitty toys, 2 blankets, donation for storage room, beautiful blue scarf for Jacci, knitted snake cat toy
Patti P, Franscea, Moon Dog, Willow & Sunflower--post card, new collars, thistle socks, baby food, Bumblebee salmon, disinfectant wipes
S. Haylock--4 liquid paper
Lois M--#25 lbs of Fresh Step litter
Robin H--Paw Points, bag of pop tabs, Valentine card and donation
Mamie--valentine card
Sigrig L--letter and donation
Lois M--coil toys and cat nip clipper toys
Connie S--plastic ring toys and pop tabs
ColleenMP--cat treats, coupons and cat collars
Jennifer/Jwilly667--donation for storage room
Bantryhill--donation in memory of Sabrina T Cat III (cantoncat's cat)
FFRC cats sent Jacci a Valentine Card!
Napa--Valentine card to volunteers, webcammers, moderators
Debra S--card and donation
Tammy P--tidy cat coupon and donation
Gusti--donation from Germany
Robert & Mary (TX)--donation
Mary L--letter, poem & donation
Cathy B12--Valentine card and donation
Sigrid (volunteer)--postcard

The kitties received some Valentine Cards. This was so much fun!
Emmaline--Patti P, Franscea, Moon dog, Willow & Sunflower
Telo--Connie S
Sesame--from a friend
Bella--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Ada Jane--Silly Sticks
Hank--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Paddy Cats--Suzie Cat Star
Jaina--Maya & Shelly H
Jacen--Maya & Shelly H
Jonah--Robert & Mary T of Texas
Cosimo--Robert & Mary T of Texas

Most of the cats that received a card were held up to the cam for all to see. Bella especially loved her card and laid with it quite a while! We have each and every card taped to our Wall of Cards! A big thanks to Carrie for organizing this fun event!

If ever, I make an error or neglect to list a gift, please don't hesitate to e-mail me with a correction. I would appreciate it.

The cats have been climbing, running and generally have visited every speck of the rescue center this past day! They love the tent that was received at Christmas. We just put it together and it's a big hit! Preakness has discovered all the bird feeders at the windows--she spends much time checking the birds out. Grominique has become such a loverbug--such a joy! Badu has let me groom her magnificent bib of fur.