Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 23

The crates are ready to be packed with Angel Kisses, Dickens and Beyaz. They will be leaving this morning around 7:30-7:45. Martha L, a volunteer, will pick them up and either Steve or I will bring them home. Peverley is laying here on the desk today--all so happy and stretched out. Jacen is a play machine today--every cat or kitten that goes by him is immeiately "talked" into playing. He especially likes Snuzzles. I received an e-mail that had actually been sent by Putter. He was very upset that the clock had been removed from the wall and was accusing our wonderful Jodi of doing this. Bella wouldn't help him with figuring this out, so he had to resort to e-mailing for help. He sat there on the floor staring at me while I was reading this! Case resolved: clock is back on the wall thanks to Putter! We also had a "tail-off" yesterday. Beyaz's tail measured in at 10.5, but Jacen's tail came in at 11.5 inches. Beyaz is the winner!

We had boxes last night!
Bantry--sent 12 Purell hand sanitizers
Anonymous--sent a case of can food
Aunty Fi--a very cute black/white stuffed cat!
Quayside--case of Fancy Feast
Daryl/catohrama--card, 25 cans of sardines and 10 cans of chicken (for Twinkle) and a hand held rechargeable can opener (the cats will have 25 days of a sardine breakfast now!)
Carol B--dropped of some dog food, laundry soap and ink cartridges.

Thank you all ever so much for your gifts to the rescue center. It's always very much appreciated. You do make a difference for us!

Our new business cards came in. They look awesome with our new logo that Bea designed! Asha is sitting in my lap. I look at her and marvel at her sweetness. Buttons is doing good, she seems to be relaxed and likes to be petted. Promise is beginning to play more with the other kittens. Farrah continues to be seizure-free.

Remember Capito? A wonderful kitten that has been adopted!