Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, Feb. 17

We have names for the 2 new kittens. The white male is Beyaz. It's pronounced Bay-oz. It means white in Turkish. Bayoz is a super sweetie pie. His main hobby is purring! The small torti/tiger is now named Snuzzles. It's a combination of snuggle and nuzzle. We will be moving these 2 kittens up to Cat's Corner Room this morning to join Dickens. We'd love for these 3 kittens to become good friends before turning them lose in the Rescue Center.

Twinkle is eating good. She just seems like a frail girl, but is so sweet, happy and loves attention. One of the volunteers cooked her up some special chicken and broth, which she loves. Preakness has been carrying around Telo's plastic rings--she's finding them fun to play with too. Paddy Purr was lost yesterday--we couldn't find him. His hiding place was......inside the house! He quickly was told that his home is in the rescue center. (Actually he's been in before and loves the bed!)Tweeny loves that wicker toy with feathers on it. She'll carry it around looking all feathery around her mouth! Bella was having a "spiffy moment" yesterday--was zooming around on the top cat walks. I have to just shut my eyes. She's never fallen from there though.

We had BOXES last night! Fun,exciting and so welcome.

Sonja/sonJamack--2 cases of Fancy Feast-1 classic/1 slice
Susan345/Susan G--6 Yeooow catnip bananas While opening boxes, these bananas were
being slobbered on, played with, kicked and stolen from 1 cat to another!
Tom/TheOddMuse--5 litter scoopers/litter lifters We've tried them and they are indeed great scoopers
Cantoncat--Bonito flakes & Catviar extra yummy treats
Tammy/NYcatlover--little tortie stuffed toy for Twinkle, 4 bags of cat treats, Valentine card, plastic rings for Telo & friends, ballpoint pens, Sweetheart candy, gum, cat toys & 3 boxes of exam gloves
Anonymouse-case of Fancy Feast Delights
jldavis94 & Chiefted from CA--donation in memory of Sesame, card for Dugster, card for all the FFRC cats, letter and cat treats
littleonemine/Kelly R from CA-huge bag of bonito flakes!, case of Fancy Feast flake and case of Fancy Feast classic
Skeetokins--3 containers of Clorox wipes, super soft Charmin toilet paper
Rose F/rosef6cats from Iowa-Valentine card
Donna S/napa from MA--card and a donation in memory of Aprilla & Sesame
Irene/ladydoc17--valentine card & birthday card for my mom

We had some fun with the shakin', light up, meow making card that ladydoc sent--the cats were very intrigued by it! Nikkaross/Sherry arrived last night and will be here for the weekend. She'll be taking lots of pictures that she'll share later with you all. We will have some visitors today and tomorrow from out of state coming to pet/play with the cats and see the rescue center.