Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Rory came out of his pen a little bit yesterday. We're leaving his pen door open and when he wants, he can come out and cruise. When something frightens him, he goes zipping back in his pen for security. A real nice cat that loves a belly rub. Little Angel Kisses has had some lung congestion. She is on antibiotics and seems to be a bit better this morning. She has a great appetite. Grominique loves cookies! Part of a cookie (not chocolate) was left on the desk and she gobbled it up in one second and was looking for more. Peverley seems to be my constant desk friend these days. She loves to sit and watch the monitor. FiFi is a playing machine--ALL toys are her favorites!

We had BOXES last night! I found this saying last night and it made me think of ALL of us involved with this Rescue Center: "Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens". This came from a Dr. Wayne W. Dyer book. This can apply to people and cats.

Colleen P from CA--sent 3 baby bottles and 1 can of KMR powder
Bandit the Parrot, with help from Momma Patty from FL--sent a letter and picture to Einstein, my parrot, along with peanut treats, Santa Fe Parrot treats, Nutri Berries and a toy, all for Einie!
Martha S from Okinawa, Japan--beautiful hand made note cards with envelopes
Kelly N (Loon2) from MA--sent a letter, 2 rattle cat toys and 4 awesome handmade necklaces--1 with our FFRC logo for Jacci, 3 necklaces for the Catathon--Mahjong Tile, Domino Tile and Scrabble Tile with Bella on it. All are beautiful. Her website is: twoloonsjewelry.com
CapeCodeCat--sent 2 snuggle kitties. These can be used with young kittens. They have a warmer in them and a heart that beats like a mama's heartbeat. Awesome! One is in with Angel Kisses. The website for this gift is: snugglepetproducts.com
Andre' Ciccotelli--paper towels, dish soap and cat treats and a visit!

Today is my mom's birthday, so I will be taking all the birthday cards that she has been sent to her today. She is going to love this and I appreciate it. It will mean a lot to my mom! Thank you.

Jacen, Snuzzles and Jaina are quite a 3-some. They play so hard that they end up flopping down to catch their breaths. A minutes rest, and off they go again! Button came out for breakfast today. It's taking her a little time to adjust, but we're patient people here. Farrah loves to carry those plastic coils around while she's meowing. (Rory just jumped out of his pen and went and sniffed noses with Cutie! We have progress!)

It won't be long until it's kitty season, especially with this very mild winter we've had. I would like people to understand that it is impossible for us to take in every cat and kitten that we are asked about. It's simply impossible. There is so much that factors in as to what kittens or cats we will take in. It's a known fact, for every 10 kittens that we adopt out, only 1 adult will be adopted. That means, I cannot overload on adults. Spring thru the fall time, we will get no less than 20-25 calls DAILY to take in more kittens and cats. It can be very depressing, knowing we cannot take on that huge amount. So, years ago, I had to tell myself that I have to focus my energy, money and time on the ones that we CAN help. Many times people don't understand this and assume we take in every cat that comes our way. If so, our numbers would be in the millions. I do have a system of what I can and cannot take in. As always, any cats/kittens that my volunteers, friends or our vet offices call about, we try our best to get those particular ones in. We try our very hardest to help as many as we can. Some days are so overwhelming. It's utterly impossible to keep up with the overpopulation problem. But, here's the good news--if everyone could spay or neuter even ONE cat, right now, before spring hits, you could help drastically with reducing the overpopulation. I tell people all the time--be a part of the solution. It's simple--spay and neuter. Thanks for listening to my annual spring talk!

beautiful Badu
Badu patiently waiting in the sink for her bath, which she loves!