Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, Feb. 2

Happy Groundcat's Day--(the cats made me say that!). The cats are saying that spring will be here soon, so be sure to get those cats and dogs neutered and spayed soon.

We had a change of plans on the floor. Yesterday, the guys put down the 4th and last coat of epoxy (interlaced with the blue quartz). This morning they laid down the last coat--a polyurethane. It sure did smell for a little while. We opened up all the doors and windows. Tomorrow morning they'll be back to put on the 4 inch vinyl white mop boards. Then, they're done! Now, it's a waiting time for us, to let the floor become dry and hard. It's beautiful!

We had BOXES yesterday!
s. haylock sent 2 large glass cleaners, kitty litter, a bag of Pounce treats and 2 boxes of baby rice cereal.

KiwiNZ--letter from NZ with card and stamps for Chinese New Year (for my mom)
Gloria C & Linda M--letter from Atlanta, GA with card and donation

Paddy sent us a card from his visit to Mt. Vernon. He will soon be leaving Mamie and going to his next destination.

This morning we opened the door for the cats to go out to their outdoor porch enclosure. Within a matter of minutes, 21 cats were already out there, even in the dark. They love it. In this fairly mild weather, it's so nice they can still go out there and enjoy the fresh air.

Tomorrow, FiFi and Jaina will be going to the vet's office in the morning for their surgery. We will also be sending Jacen along for his chest x-ray. As soon as we get results and surgeries are done, we'll let you know.

Telo is still chasing his plastic rings, Ada Jane is eating good, Shasta is still eating everything she can find, Ernestine is settling into the new office routine, Derby is finding every toy he can with feathers to play all is fine here and we're happy!