Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, Feb. 21

We made an appointment for our 2 boys, Dickens and Beyaz, to have their neuters done on Thursday. I also left a message with one of the vets to talk again about FiFi. We'll get a surgery date set up for her eyes. When that time comes, I'd like to also have Jacen and Jaina go back for their second heart x-rays. If things are the same as their first x-rays, they will probably be put up for adoption then. Even with their heart problems, they still deserve their very own home. We had visitors again yesterday that just wanted to come in and play and pet. These cats love that!

We had BOXES last night!
DeEtte--sent an electric warmer bed for the cats! It's already been used.
Carol O--sent coupons
Michlyn--sent stickers for Hannah, which we will forward to her
Diane M (Missa's mama)--sent covers/blankies for the furniture. Volunteer Pat provided the material
WisconsinListener--sent 2 cat treat bags, cookies for the volunteers, Purell hand sanitizer, 3 big towels and a framed picture of some of the FFRC cats (which is awesome--love it)
Bonnie/Dave/Michael--2 cases of Purrfectly fish and chicken for Twinkle. We also showed the beautiful blankies she made and the beaded necklaces and bracelets
Kitty Kam & Sarah Eo--a case of KMR liquid
IceMaiden--a case of KMR liquid
Peggy S--6 extra turbo cardboard replacements for the turbo toy

We also received a wonderful corner grooming tool for Bella. She will love this. I had a problem with my e-mail and do not have the name of the person who donated this. Please let me know! Thanks. We will put it up and I know that Bella will love it.

Our Sweet Bella

If anyone has extra coupons that you think the rescue center can use, feel free to send them. Diane M. is going to organize them. The ones that FFRC can't use, we'll share with the volunteers!

The weather here has been incredibly warm this winter. We've had windows open again for the cats. They love watching and hearing the birds. Dickens and Snuzzles have been playing a lot together. Promise has decided the desk is a fun place to be--she gets lots of extra petting. Buttons is a little shy, but is still brave enough to cruise around a bit. She's so very sweet and loves to be petted. Emaline's eye is looking a bit better today. We'll keep treating her. Hettie is such a sweetie--she goes crazy for those mylar toys.