Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, Feb. 12

Rinacat/Karen and Deb11111 arrived yesterday afternoon from Minnesota to visit. This morning, they left, with Sari in tow for Karen! I do believe Sari will be a queen in her new household. We'll have to see who becomes the 3rd cat now up on the counter for breakfast time. We also had Gemini and her mom come for a visit! It's always so nice to have visitors. Bella continues to do well--no more tremors. It's possible she may not have any more episodes. Be assured, we will watch her closely. Bella has been lounging in all the big poof beds--she loves it and will stay for hours in her beds. Jacen and Jaina know they're sibs and always nap together--so sweet. Putter is doing good and maintaining his weight. Twinkle is eating better now and has gained back a little of her lost weight. PaddyCake has taught lots of the cats how to make the Cat Go Round wheel just zip!

We had BOXES, ENVELOPES and PACKAGES last night!
Shazzadoodle--cat card from her cat Smudgie, treats for Plymouth, newsletter from her local animal shelter, Valentine card for Plymouth (from Smudgie), cat treats and mouse toys
Mary B from TX--note pad, card for Peggy and Jacci's mom, picture of Striker, Grizzabella, Henry and Guiness.
Hanna, our sweet friend sent an envelope for Putter with a Poem
Michlynn--2 big, awesome, colorful rugs
Sueann from OH--sardines (!), adult & kitten Iams dry food, kitty toys, a Valentine card for Cyrilla, cans of chicken, tuna packets and treats for the dogs
Musyc/Bonnie S, Bev, Jan & Sasha from Iowa--sent a card, donation and a box of canned Friskies
Stinkypeeps--hand decorated box, Valentine card for Picasso, pop tabs for Kellen, hand made catnip hearts, magnet with a cat picture, then Picasso jumped into the box and stayed there!
Tamara/trb from FL--pictures of cat Scooter & Otis, card for Sesame
Maiden Heaven--Valentine card
Cape Cod Cat--Valentine card for Soyboy
Schinn81/susan--Valentine card for Shasta & a donation for the storage room, picture of Ralph boy and Cleo
Eleanor F from CT--card fo Jacci's mom, donation for Aprilla & Sesame and her cat Sheba
Lillian M from IL--Valentine card with Putter on it with lots of the cats names on the card, a post card for the kitties and a Secret Angel medal and heartfelt note
Cape Cod Cat--Valentine card for Charlie
Barbara F/lgecco--card for FiFi and a check for FiFi's upcoming surgery(s)
Judy L from OH--Valentine card for all the cats and card for the volunteers, also enclosed a donation for the storage room in memory of Aprilla and Sesame
Laurie/felinetoyz--sent Calentine card for Bella
Selky & Blue (2 meezers) sent a valentine card from Canada with their pictures on it!
Cards from Northsbor, NC for Cosimo, Asha, Diffie, Annony, Twinkle, Cutie, Turing
Mamie--Valentine card for Niven
Wisconsin friend sent e-mail Birthday card for Ada Jane
Lorrel R--card for Sari (from her cat who is an admirer!)
Bag of sardines for Jacci from Sari
A box of birthday food and treats for Ada Jane from OMP

From Karen and Deb (Minnesota)--2 bottles of wine, a big very soft blankie, chips and card for volunteers, laundry soap, treats, toys, cubes, meowmix (4 cases), kitty litter, paper plates, big marshmallow bed, trash bags
Lenz--clock, paper and pens
Gemini, Gem's mom and John--3 cases of Friskies, big bag of styrofoam plates, toys

Thank you so much for the donations. All items are received with gratitude! If, or I should say, when I make an error on a name or the gift, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to me. I'd appreciate it and will correct my error.