Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 11

We have now reached 2 MILLION total views on our webcam. This is utterly astounding to me. I remember when we hit our first 100, then 1,000. I thought that was amazing! We have grown, we have experienced a few hard moments, but by far, we have experienced wonderful, exciting times on the cam. We love sharing our Rescue Center with others. Thank you for joining us!

Colleen is still collecting recipes for the FFRC cookbook. There's still time to send your recipes to her! I want to send in a sardine recipe! If you use Fresh Step kitty litter and don't use the Paw Points that are on the container, we'll take them! Just cut them out (make sure you include the entire number that's on the backside) and mail them to us. We collect them, send them in and get coupons for free litter! Another thought too--if you have coupons that you don't use, we will also accept those. They could be for anything, as what we don't use here directly for the Rescue Center, we will share with the volunteers. Diane M (volunteer) is taking on handling this project.

A new page is being added to our new website. It's about Questions Frequently Asked. Check it out, although it's just in the baby stages yet. The site is:
I'll also be working on another page soon about the History of FFRC. That should be another fun page to do.

We have a hold on Niven now....yes, already we do! He will go to a wonderful home this next Friday. The home he's going into has already adopted from us. Ada Jane had a wonderful birthday yesterday. She was hugged, kissed and held a lot. I think she really enjoyed it. She also received some birthday cards.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night.

EchoDenmark--a valentine box of treats for Cutie, a Kong toy, a big box of cat treats, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of Friskies (all tuna, Bella's favorite) and a letter to Cutie.
Yellowrose--2 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Friskies and 2 cases of Party Mix cat treats
Icemaiden and her cat Max--awesome floofie, woolie and soft pillow cases, a huge poof (marshmallow) pillow and a letter from Max to Jacci. Also included was an Acme box distributed by RoadRunner and Wylie Coyote (box of nuts and bolts and blocks) to trigger my shaking box fun!!
Hannah--our special young friend from IN--Valentine cards to Jacci, moderators, volunteers and cammers, Temptation treats, treats for the dogs, case of Meow Mix Toppers, bag of dry food and a case of Whiska dinners

LaRae--birthday card for Ada Jane
Dewitty--Valentine card for Octavia and 2 "get out of jail free cards". I'm sure Octavia will need these!
Betsy & Mike S--thank you card, pics of their kitties and a Walmart gift card
Sigrid (volunteer)--a Valentine card for Merci
Donna and her cat Tazzie--a Valetine card for FiFi & a donation to go towards FiFi's medical expenses
Dewitty--a Valentine card for Sevaun
CherylAnn--a card for Jacci and a poem "I'm Still With You"
Lyla Jane--a Valentine card for Promise
Joy & Tiffany--Valentine card for Magentta, postcard from Germany and a birthday card for my mom
Lois Ann/annml from Iowa--2 packages of Cat Crazies toys which the cats are already playing with
Betz--Valentine card for Cutie and a donation toward the new storage room
Xenamolina & Elvis, Max, Baby & Oreo--Valentine cards for FiFi, Twinkle and Sesame and pictures of her kitties, a kitty pin and a Hello Kitty Watch and a letter
WisconsinListner2011--birthday card for Ada Jane
Smudgie Cat--sent a Valentine card to Plymouth
Mamie--a Valentine card for Niven

Thank you so much for your donation to the rescue center. This is a HUGE help to us. Every item will be used and every penny of every donation will be used wisely.

It has been decided to change the plans for the new Storage Room just a little. Instead of adding a 8 x 12, it will be 8 x 16. This extra 4 feet will make a huge difference. As my dad always said--do it right at the beginning, instead of going back to fix your mistakes. The quote will be adjusted a little. I feel this is the right choice to make.