Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, Feb.10th

A busy and very fun day yesterday! We had Peggy's (volunteer) card birthday party on 12:30. She was so very surprised. She received so many cards. I do believe our Peggy was a bit overwhelmed! She loved it and asked me to pass on a huge thank you to all that helped her celebrate her day. Speaking of birthdays, today is Ada Jane's 17th birthday. Wow! We'll give her lots of hugs and kisses today.

Yesterday Tweeny and Sari went to the vet's. Tweeny had an x-ray of her leg that she's been limping on. It's improved alot this week, but wanted to make double sure all was well, which it was. Her bones, joints, shoulder, growth plates (remember, she's still a kitty), and her nerves all looked good. So, we'll continue with 1 more day of cage rest and soreness pills, then she'll be sprung to be out and about. Sari went for a dental. She had her teeth scaled and 4 teeth removed--2 little incisors and 2 molars. She scarfed down 2 tubs of FF Appetizers last night! Her stool sample was also negative. Now she'll have nice clean teeth to go to her new home this weekend.

Saturday should be a busy day with lots of visitors. We love visitors! We took in a new young male cat yesterday. He appears to be a ragdoll (lavender). He is already neutered and ever so nice. He arrived with a large amount of fleas. A capstar and bath took care of that. He's been tested (negative for heartworm, FIV and leukemia), wormed and vaccinated already. He has a name! It is Niven which means Little Saint. This name was suggested by Hencass! A really handsome fella with crystal blue eyes.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night!
catguy4ever--case of Fancy Feast, mylar toy balls, Bonito flakes, 2 bottles of HE laundry soap
jatcat--4 replacement pads for the turbo track (to be shared with Kitty City), 6 large tapes and bonito flakes
Jillr27--case of baby chicken food
mis9690--7 cases of baby food, card for Tweeny
Lance from UT--donation and pill boxes for the rescue cats
Liz & Eric from OH----valentine cards for Amos, Turing and Diffie
Chery L/calogan from CA--card for all FFRCers and Peggy
Ruthann D in Colorado--cards for my mom, Peggy and Gregg
Michlynn & her kittens sent a Valentine card for FFRC and Georgia
Gloria C--donation in memory of Sesame and Aprilla
Kelly F in TX--a card to FFRC and a donation
Steve & Debbie B--a card for all FFRC kitties, but mentioned Twinkle and a card for Bella
Julie and her cat Miss Molly Marie Fuss Budge Miss Priss--had a truck driver drop off a gift for us (Defiance was close to his route!)--9 bags of 42 lb. scoopable litter, Clorox Wipes, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, a cat tunnel, cat treats

I'm very grateful for these gifts. Please know that I appreciate these donations. They are very important to us.

A webcam friend sent this to me yesterday that I just love. "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind". These great words were spoken by Dr. Seuss!