Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12 (second posting today)

Wow! We had 3 adoptions today. I'm so happy because all 3 cats went to awesome homes.
Sari left this morning with Karen (Rinacat). I believe Sari will fit right in and be happy. Last night, Sari was given a card that we read to her, from Janet/Janak that she enjoyed! This afternoon, Picasso went to a new home where there's lots of TLC to be given to him. The new family really liked him and the feeling was mutual with Picasso. Holly also went to her new home with another webcam friend, Val. She previously adopted Cessna and Dulcy. Can you imagine the rockin' and a rollin' that house is going to be with 3 teenager kittens! What fun.

We also took in a new kitten today and a new kitten 2 days ago. The brown tiger, male, about 16 weeks came on Friday. The torti, female, also about 16 weeks came today. Names will happen soon! They both are sweet but in need of a kitty friend, so they will be put in the same pen tomorrow for cat company. Being in Dodger's Pen will also give them more familiarity with people.

We had lots of visitors today also. One family, Amber and 3 of her girls came and brought donations in memory of my dad. My mom happened to be here for breakfast and so was able to see the donations. We both enjoyed it. Thanks Amber and family for doing this.

We also received 2 other donations in memory of my dad. These were from Joe & Beth/midnightann from FL and Kelly/littleonemine from CA. Their donations will go towards the new storage room. Thank you for this. My mom was pleased also.

People that helped today were Lisa, Mary H, Connie D, Paul and Cheri.