Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31

Happy February! It's going to be a wonderful month. The floor workers have completed one full day. First, they scraped off the old floor and then roughened up the cement surface. Then the shiny surface was poured (clear, makes things adhere). After that, the first layer of blue quartz is applied. THis morning, the workers are here already and have removed the extra quartz. They then will pour a layer of epoxy, followed by another layer of quartz. This afternoon they will return and repeat the procedure. In the meantime, we're making do by all being in the front office. It's another warm day (crazy winter, that's for sure!), so the outdoor enclosure has it's door open already and many of the cats are out there cruising.

Yesterday, we had FiFi and Jaina visit the veterinarian's office. Fifi is now scheduled for her entropion surgery for Friday. Because her eyeballs are small (congenital), they are sunk back into the eye sockets which make her eyelids curl in. This may cause scratching on her eyes or get in the way of her already limited vision. So, this surgery should help her have a little more sight. Jaina is also scheduled to have her spay on Friday. She had her x-ray yesterday and does not have a hernia of the diaphragm. BUt she does have an enlarged heart. It's called hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). This simply means the muscular walls of the ventricles are abnormally thickened. The vet feels confident that surgery will be fine with her.

The cats seem a bit more happier than yesterday. Badu still gets upset once in a while, but is doing better. Jaina and Jacen have been playing like crazy. The cats are getting a good grooming today. Twinkle is becoming more sure of herself here in the front office. Georgia loves watching the birds at the feeders. Sari seems to have adjusted good to this move. Tweeny is now one of my desk friends. All is well.