Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday, Jan. 21

What a busy day today was. We had an adoption! Our wonderful Bushca found a home. This family was originally going to take Merci, but Bushca planted herself on the new dad's lap and wouldn't budge, so they adopted her instead! We also now have a hold on Sari. Not sure when this adoption will take place, but she'll be going into a wonderful, loving home! So excited for Sari. In the meantime, before she leaves us, we'll enjoy her silly antics! Two bits of sad news to pass on. About 10 days ago, we lost our Loyal catfriend. He became jaundiced, which progressed rapidly. I'm so thankful he was here for those few weeks, to enjoy all the food, TLC and warmth that he wanted. We also lost Annakin this morning. This was another heartbreaker. We were obviously battling a virus, which we did not win. Never underestimate cat viruses.

We have now had the webcam for approx. 2 years and a few months. Especially in the last 6 months, we have made our rescue center personalized for you--our webcam friends. In doing this, you have learned our volunteer names, know many of the cats names and personalities and are a part of our every day life. The hard part of this is that when we have a cat that passes away, it is more personal to you, which can be hard. We have come to feel like you are all a part of our rescue family. Please know that during the good times and the sad times, we appreciate you. I love this rescue center and for as long as I am able, will run this rescue center to the best of my ability.

We also have 2 facebook pages that we promote and hope you get to visit! They are: This is our main facebook. The chatters also have a facebook page which is You can easily find both facebook pages by using these names. I am admin on both of these sites. People ask me about other facebook sites, but I have no control on any other pages. Please check these 2 facebook sites out and our blog for updates. Thank you.

Our new website has also been a big hit! It is It still has a few things to tweak, but it's wonderful and awesome!

We also took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Sesame, he looks alot like our past Tonio (Siamese mix) and he's a mush of a cat! He was found inside a big semi truck that was delivering goods to Meijer's from out of town. They opened the doors and there was Sesame. So, they put him in a box and brought him to FFRC. He's probably a 8-9 year old boy who loves to nuzzle and suck on shirts and skin! He's the sweetest thing and we're all quite smitten by him already!

We had boxes last night! We are always ever so grateful for this support.

Sunny/Renee--sent a case of Friskies, a case of Fancy Feast and a big box of litter
DeEtte--a case of Friskies, a case of Fancy Feast, a case of Friskies gravy packets and a case of Temptation treats
The Hall Family (Subra, Baaka, Latte & Warren)--a bag of Wiskas, 2 big bags of treats, mouse toys, a case of Friskies and 2 white cushy beds
Thesixofus/Trace-mother to Socks and Clooney)--cat dancer toy

If I ever make a mistake in names or gifts, please don't hesitate to let me know.

We also showed the webcammers the very cool posters that Angie (a volunteer) has made. There's 2 beautiful posters for the Kitty City/Cat's Cove cats, 1 for the Sunpporch cats and 1 for the permanent FFRC residents. They are superb and will be put up soon. Thanks Angie.