Monday, January 9, 2012

Something new and very exciting will be happening soon!

Something new and very exciting will be happening soon! The new website is almost ready for your viewing and I guarantee that you will love it! More about this real soon. TODAY is the day to start voting! It's a new year, so the slate is clean. We could possibly win the state at $1,000 or possibly the grand prize again at $5,000. Please vote at Our votes will add up!

We had an adoption yesterday. Cinnabon went to his new home. He will be well pampered. That makes 5 adoptions so far this month. Our 3 new little ones are doing great. They have names! The black one is Jacen. The brown tiger is Annakin. The brown tiger/torti is Jaina. These names came from Tommy and are Star War names.Won't be long until these kittens are running with the rest of the cats.

We have had a lot of visitors lately--something we enjoy and the cats certainly enjoy also. After all, more people means more petting!
Jobo--sent 2 cases of cat food
Catlady (who adopted Haskins) sent a big box with the crinkle paper that's really a toy, a big bed, and 2 beautiful garden art pieces. She also never comes without some goodies for us to share!
Michlynn and Siamesemich sent appetizers, fancy feast, rug, cat treats, q-tips, and an envelope with a donation.
Medic/Laura--2 boxes of fancy feast

During this extra busy time for me, with my Dad and Steve's knee surgery, forgive me if I get behind on thank yous and e-mails. My dear friend Kate flew in yesterday as a total surprise to me. She is here this week while my family and I are extra busy. She will also be transporting Dhana and Weasley to Bryan this week for their physical for their airplane trip. I'd also like to say thank you for your prayers and good wishes during this difficult time for my family.

One of the reasons I may be disorganized this week is I have lost some of my notes. I keep finding them on the floor all chewed up. Today I discovered who is doing this--Hettie! I've asked her to not do this, but we'll see. Something tells me she is not going to listen! Ayla was playing with another kitten yesterday--very nice to see. Emaline thoroughly groomed Weasley, head to tail. Asha's new nickname is LoveBug. One of the biggest lapsitters here is Pawsome--he loves attention. Please remember to vote!