Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jan. 4 Weds
Soon, the blogs will be more consistent and thru our new website for all to see more easily! Big changes are happening with our new site--check it out daily to see the progress. The new website is We have many people participating in the rebuilding, but one friend in particular-Lenz is his chat name. Volunteers are busily taking awesome pictures to add to the new site, Eric is working on videos, lots of ideas coming in. When my time permits, I want to add the story of how FFRC began.

The cats and kittens here are all doing great. Cosimo is out and about more--actually he's here in the office with me right now! Peverley is playing with one of the new wool toys. Cinnabon is stretched out here on the desk making him look 3 feet long. Tweeney is busy dragging a feather toy about and pretending it's alive. Zelda is snoozing away in my lap while Ernestine is on the cat furniture watching the kittens play. All is well! The people that helped us yesterday were Judy S, Judy M, Stacey, Paul, Caity, Dorothy, Dee, Martha L, Brenda. Dee took Tasco home yesterday for a trial run. Will keep you posted. I've heard from Jolly and Adora's new owners. Both are doing great. Georgia and Dunakin were playing full steam yesterday--lots of energy chasing each other back and forth. Raza and her boy Telo frequently take naps together--very sweet to see.

We had ENVELOPES last night!
Sweetp727--sent a card for Twinkle that included a tiny, adorable cane and a donation for her. Twinkle loved it!
Irene B from Batavia, NY--sent a card, cash donation, pic of her cat Sneakers and 2 cats of a friend of hers (Tigger and Dora). She also sent the most wonderful letter from her cat Sneakers!
Paddy sent a letter from his World Tour. He's in S. Hampton, UK now and he told us about the many thingss he was seeing and doing.
Letter from Nuki-Master and Sabrina T Cat--enclosed was a transcript of a hilarious phone conversation between these 2 goofy cats! This is a letter I will save forever! These 2 cats belong to 2 wonderful webcam viewers--Nuki-mom and Cantoncat.

Thanks to everyone for your support. You ALL are an important part of this rescue center.