Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 24

We have now added another moderator to our ustream chat. The name is Napa and we welcome her. During this week, you may notice a few more additions to moderators for our ustream chat. Please remember to vote at The Animal Rescue Site. We have a strong hold on second place! I appreciate each and every vote.

All is fine here at the Rescue Center. Yesterday the people who helped were Lisa, Jimmy, Mary E, Ruth, Jackie S and Angie. County is doing wonderful. He's out and about more often and really enjoys being petted. Ayla and Promise have been on our "extra TLC" list and it's paid off. Both are loverbugs now! Ayla's leg wound has healed beautifully. Sari's appetite is sky high now! She's eating very well and filling out.

The cats have really been enjoying the birds who are eating heavily at the birdfeeders. Tweeny was found sleeping inside the red cabinet today. She decided the plates were comfortable to lay on. Jaina and Jaken are doing great. I think Jaken is going for the longest tail record. Farrah continues to be seizure-free. Sesame loves to lay on top of the refrig on a cushie. The big storage trailer has arrived a day early. This is where we will put all the furniture and things here in the Rescue Center when we have to move everything out.

We had 2 BOXES yesterday.
Bonnie P from CA--sent 12 cans of Bonito Flakes. The cats love these treats. That explains why I saw Octavia sleeping on that box earlier!
Bantryhill--a card, kitty ornament and a gorgeous hand-knitted blue sweater vest for me. I LOVE it and it's so soft. Also sent a big jar of ballpoint pens, postie notes and cat toys.

Thanks so much Bonnie and Bantry. I even modeled the vest! Keep checking in on the new website--fofrescue.org It's still a work in progress and it sure is wonderful!