Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan. 2 Monday

What a huge, wonderful surprise I had yesterday. We have the floor work to begin on Jan. 30th. I had to commit to a date due to the time it takes to get the color we wanted for the new floor and to reserve a HUGE trailer to put all the rescue center's furniture in. The cost is $9,600. The money we won for the PetFinder site is reserved for the floor which left us with almost $5,000 left to raise. Unknown to me, the webcammers SOLD the floor! Yes, sold the floor! The floor was divided into square feet and sold for $14 a square. All the squares were sold, which gave the rescue center a money amount of $5,000. I was completely unaware that this was going on (due to the surprise FFRC facebook). And I truly was shocked, surprised and bursting with gratitude! I've said it before and I still say it again. This rescue center has the most compassionate, giving people anywhere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One less thing to worry about! We truly have made friends all over the world and have become a cyberspace family together. Thank you.

FYI: my dad is not doing well, so I will be even more involved with his care. Please be patient if I'm not here as much or get behind on e-mails. We also have the best volunteers in the world as they will do a terrific job while I'm absent.