Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday , Jan. 28

What a wonderful day Friday was! We had lots of visitors and such a nice time. Deb (from Continental), Nikkaross (from Mi), Val (from MI) and Leenie (from AK) was here. We also had a few volunteers drop in to meet them. The cats and kittens all enjoyed the extra attention. We had a big pizza supper, salad and dessert (Jodi says it was delicious too!). Nikkaross has been taking lots of pictures which she will share. Little Weasley and Dhana left last night and are currently on the jetplane on their way with Leenie to Seattle. From Seattle, they'll go to Alaska. I think it was instant love between the 3 of them! We also had another adoption yesterday--Hannah left! She went to a family that will be wonderful for her. She was a mush in the little girls' arms and purring her little sweet head off! I've heard back from Raina's new owners--all is fine and Raina seems happy.

Surgery day is today. We have Jake, Jaina, Promise, Fifi and Ayla scheduled. We have several adults that will be getting a physical from Dr. Cindy. Sesame has had his physical--looks healthy and aged at 10 years of age. Cosimo has also had his physical and is aged at 6 years of age. His occasional gimpy walk is probably due to a hit by car with a previous pelvis injury. Thanks to Dr. Cindy, Bonnie and Jodi for helping.

We had BOXES and cards last night! You all know how much we love that!
Skeetokins--Charmin Toilet Paper (our volunteers like this too!)
Tazzie--sent a dispenser for the larger TP rolls
Gemini--card and blankies
Mary B--Pill pockets for Farrah (a different flavor)
Stitches72--homemade cat toys and an awesome crown for Bella (will be shown in FB)
Kelly S in TN--valentine card for Farrah
Matt/Jane D in FL--card and donation
Eleanor F--Reeses, large cat ball, kitty snacks, cat toys, pens, bags to make shopping bags from, plates and blankies
Louis S. in WI--valentine card for Putter

Thank you so much for your gifts to the Rescue Center. You make a huge difference for us.

Just had an update from Leenie--she and the 2 kitties are over N. Dakota and all is well! The kitties are both napping in their pet carrier.