Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Jan. 23

First, I have some thank yous to give. We had a few BOXES to open on Saturday night.

DeEtte--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Socks & Clooney from Winnipeg--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Cobbis--3 cases of Friskies

Our food cabinet looks so much better! The kitties and cats can now eat! Thank you all for your support. The cats are singing your praises!

We've also heard back from Pawsome & Paulio's new dad. He loves them and calls them Prince and Princess.

Here's the tentative schedule for this week.
Today, Weasley & Dhana already made their trip to the vet's again. They passed their physical so they can go riding on the jetplane to Alaska on Friday with their new mama, Colleen!
On Wednesday, the trailer arrives. This will sit in the driveway for us to load up all the furniture from the rescue center later this week.
On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, a few pieces of furniture will be loaded each day.
Saturday is our surgery day. Dr. Cindy will be coming in to catch us up on the spays/neuters.
On Sunday, the remaining furniture will be moved into the truck. We will have wide open spaces here!
On Monday morning early, Mary E will help me get all the cats and kittens into either Thumper's Room or the big office.
Monday morning the floor work begins!! If all goes well, we will be able to move back in late Saturday or Sunday, 2/4-5.

Please remember to vote for us at The Animal Rescue Site. We are currently in 2nd place and hopefully will win $1,000 for the most votes for the second week! Voting continues until 3/18. Also remember to check out the fantastic new website at