Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, January 30

It's very dusty here! The floor work has begun. Most of the cats have been fine, a few were very worried about the noise, but they all seem to be settling down now. Today, the "old" floor will be grated off and edges all cleaned. The first coat will be laid this afternoon with the color quartz on top. Yesterday we spent the majority of the day removing furniture and getting all the supplies boxed and moved. We had many volunteers that came in and helped with this enormous job. Last evening, we then wrote on the floor, the names of the people who helped make this floor possible! We thank all those that made a monetary donation, those who voted for us to help us win the $5,000 and those that cheered us on! We just got word that Saturday late or Sunday morning we could move back in! Right now, we have all the cats in the front office room. We added more furniture to give them more climbing space. We're a little squished, but we're happyp! It's also fairly nice out (40's and 50's) today and tomorrow, so we opened the outdoor enclosure porch flap. Here is a little ditty That Cyndiluwho sent me (it's to the tune of Home on the Range):

Give Jacci a floor
Where the spots are no more
And the cats won't get chips in their teeth

One that takes all the suds
And won't peel when it floods
And looks beautiful under her feet

Floor, wonderful floor
Where the kitties can scamper and run
Where volunteers mop
And the visitors stop
And the cammers can watch all the fun. Thanks Cyndi!

We also had an adoption on Saturday. Our sweet Ayla went to her new home. Telo will play fetch forever with you, if you toss his plastic ring! Badu is doing good in all all this change! Dr. Cindy has aged Sesame at approximately 10 years old. All the surgeries recovered nicely on Saturday. It's amazing how tiny their incision line is. Dr. Cindy feels that Cosimo is in the last stages of healing from a hit by car (hip/pelvis injury). Unfortunately, Cosimo took a nasty fall on Sunday and has re-injurerd his pelvis. So, for now, he's at a friend's house where there are no high shelves to climb on. Rest, rest, rest is what he needs...and no high climbing.