Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Jan. 1

Happy New Year to everyone. We had a wonderful Happy New Year's party from the cats to all the webcam viewers. At 4:30 we unveiled a Happy New Year tree--full of shiny glittery things and paper chains. The cats of course proceeded to dismantle it, which was perfectly fine. The cats also had a BIG sign they wanted us to hold up to the viewers thanking them for their support. There was plenty of catnip and bonito flakes to go around. We even got the bubble making machine out and had bubbles going everywhere. Needles to say, the cats and the humans all had fun!

Adora was adopted yesterday--she went to a home where the people were so excited about having her. The new big orange/white cat now has a name. It's Cosimo (means universe, harmony in Italian). He will be leaving Thumper's Room today and coming into the main area, probably going into Patience's Pen for a day or two.

Update on the Paddy World Tour. He is still in the UK for one more visit then will be traveling abroad to a new location. He has made 11 stops so far.

Keep an eye on the new website for the rescue center. New things are happening daily to it!

We had a BOX last night. Thank you so much for your support.
Annette S from Campbell OH--a grilling cookbook for Steve, a gift for ohiomrspeepers, a t-shirt for me that said "Faces of Animal Rescue" with lots of cute cat pics all over it. Also included were many 2012 calendars for the volunteers. I know the volunteers will appreciate this also.

Jatcat--sent 2 letter openers. These are wonderful--opens those envelopes with no problems!
Linda M & Gloria from Atlanta GA--sent a card with coupons for free litter
Joan/jowlee in Maryland--sent a wonderful card and a donation to be used in any way we need (she lost her 2 year old cat recently)
Wldfire--sent a card to Steve and one for me

Steve asked me to pass on his thanks for the birthday cards that he's received. He was so surprised! Very nice of you!