Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 26

We won $1,000 from The Animal Rescue site! Still smiling about that! Now FFRC can pass on to you our next project. This $1,000 will go towards a need. It's as simple as this--we need a Storage Room (will have to come up with something better to call it then that though!). Since we had to move all of Earth Angel's supplies here into the Rescue Center, we are squished for space. We still do all of our surgeries here, so we have to have our supplies here. Every nook and cranny, cabinet, cupboard is full of very much needed supplies (food, TP, PT, formula, soap, vinegar, etc.), and we've become somewhta disorganized. A 8 by 12 foot storage room added onto the backside of the Rescue Center would be ideal. It would be filled with shelving units, top to bottom to help us be organized. Mr. Barth (his company built the Welcome Room, bathroom and Thumper's Room) has already been here and will give us a quote for this project.

We had ice today. This reminds me of something I wanted to pass on to you all. If our electricity goes out, the kitties will still be warm. We have an emergency heater on the wall that works without electricity. Will keep us as snug as can be in the Rescue Center!

Farrah and Paddy Cake love those plastic coil toys--they love to carry them around in their mouths while they chirp away! Telo's favorite toy are the plastic round rings. If you drop them on the floor, he'll come running to get them. Pocus and Dunakin so enjoy a little water drippping in the grooming tub--lots of fun to play in. Zelda is the biggest chirper cat I've ever heard. Her favorite saying is chirp, chirp, chirp--it's like that trill noise that cats make when they're happy. Raina will probbly be going to her new home today or tomorrow.

We had lots of BOXES last night! Thanks so very much--you all are very kind to the Rescue Center.
Leenie from AK--4 boxes of Mr. Clean magic erasers, 3 cases of Friskies pate, 3 cases of Friskies prime filets, a huge box of paper towels and toilet paper, case of paper plates.
Janak--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Skeetokins--Arm & Hammer kitty litter
Jodianne87 from MI--2 huge boxes of Q-tips, coil toys, fish catnip toys, 2 stainless steel bowls, 2 LED flashlights with batteries, banana catnip toy, Bonito flakes, big bottle of L-Lysine, 7 boxes of long ear cleaners, and an emergency weather alert radio.

Three more days until we move all the furniture out to the trailer in prep for the new floor. Sunday will be fun for the cats after all items are moved out--they'll have wide open spaces to run and play. The people helping us today are: Stacey, Donna, Peggy, Christi, Paul, Lisa and Pat. Tune in tomorrow late afternoon to say farewell to Weasley and Dhana and to meet some of our webcam friends that will be visiting!