Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weds., Jan. 25

Here's a few updates on the kitties and cats. LilliBeth will be returning to her mama owner on Saturday or Sunday! I am thrilled about this. They have a special bond and her mama is now feeling so much better than expected. She is so excited to get LilliBeth back. I'm happy for both of them. No leads on Sesame's whereabouts, so we have decided that he officially belongs now to FFRC. He's an awesome cat, loves people with a passion. He will get his medical physical on Saturday. Sari is on an official hold now! Details about her departure is not complete yet but she will be going into an awesome home.

This Saturday is our surgery day. We have Jacen, Jaina, Promise, Ayla and Fifi scheduled. That makes 4 girls and 1 boy. Dr. Cindy will also do a few physicals for us. On that list, so far, is Cutie, Sesame, Cosimo, Raina and Sari. We will also get Dr. Cindy's opinion on Fifi's eyes.

This Fridy is when Dhana and Weasley's Alaskan mama arrives. They will be flying to Alaska on Saturday INSIDE the cabin. Since these 2 kitties have become favorites for so many people, I've been asked to give some information about their trip, etc. Weasley arrived on 10/17/11 and Dhana arrived on 10/22/11. Both are the same size, same kind of fur and length and found in the same area. I am of the belief that they are sister/brother. They're birthdays are 9/18/11. Our volunteer fostered Weasley for us at the beginning for a couple weeks. He cried and cried, always seemed to be wanting something. In the meantime, Dhana had arrived. One day, Jodi needed to go away for the day so we kept Weasley. He immediately felt comfortable with Dhana and the other kittens, so from that point on, he stayed at FFRC. Leenie (their new mama) fell in love with them over our ustream cam. She admits it was love at first sight. She went on vacation, upon her return, they were both here still, their birthday is 2 days before hers--it had to be! So,for the first time, she will be visiting Ohio and claiming her kitties! We are thrilled for all 3 of them. It's a total of 2,617 miles that the kittens will travel to their forever home. Leenie will go from Detroit to Seattle to Ketchikan. You will all see her here Friday afternoon, along with Val, Nikkaross and a few others that will be visiting. Val is interested in adopting Jaina soon and Nikkaross loves them all!

Instead of boxes last night, we had a "kitty parade". I always like this when we can hold up the cats to the cam and get special requests for certain cats. Thanks for loving our rescue cats!