Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, Friday

It's time to get our blog restarted. As you may know, my dad passed away last week. I truly appreciate all the cards and concern you have shown. It's helped me get thru a very rough time in my life. Steve has also had his knee surgery and is doing fairly well. Physical therapy three times a week is tough but he's doing it! He says thanks for all his get well cards.

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. A wonderful gentleman came in looking for 2 catfriends to keep him company. He chose Pawsome and Paullio. I think these 2 cats are very lucky to have this home and I know they will be well loved. A week from today (Friday the 27th) we will have webcam visitors, including Colleen for Weasley and Dhana! A fun day! On Saturday the 28th we will have a surgery day. Surgeries will be done by Dr. Cindy.

Because I have been so busy with my family, I had gotten behind opening boxes, but slowly but surely, I'm getting caught up!

Here are the BOXES that were opened the last 2 nights. Thank you ever so much for your support and wonderful ways of caring about this Rescue Center.

Andrew from Denmark--Sonic portable digital audio recorder (for the cam!)
Catlady--a beautiful garden sign and a garden piece of art
KellyR--our monthly delivery of fruit. This time it was HoneyBells Tangelos.
ColleenP from CA--a card, photos of 2 calicos Jan & Cindy, postie notes, bonito flakes, lots of kitty toys with feathers, catnip toys
Susan B from KY--two gift sets, kitty toys and kitty treats
Terry K/SweetP from CA--Pistachio and walnuts from local orchards, kitty treats, and delicous volunteer treats
Pat and Diane M (a volunteer) teamed up. One donated material and one sewed kitty blankies!
Aunty Fi from UK--sent Great Escape Cat Condo, 2 boxes of Fancy Feast
Laura/Medic from IN--Fancy Feast
Peggy S--sent 2 pages of stamps-1 with Putter & 1 with Farrah
Cynthia Ann from WA--donation for materials for beautifying FFRC
BubblesLaDoo--donation for 4 floor tiles
Gusti from Germany--donation for Weasley & Dhana's vet appointments and for other vet needs
Paddy--sent a postcard from London and Southampton
Paddy & JillR--Paddy enjoyed a visit to London, will be heading to USA soon! A picture of Paddy with Paddington Bears and a magnet
Janak2--card and postcard from Napier with message
Lorraine--cat card and she knows every cat here!!
CherylAnn from WA--message and "J" notepads
A card from etherlands to Buscha, encouraging a family to adopt her!
DaleJ from CA/Peppilapew--donation and message
SherriR--IN--a message
From Wiffin/Griffin-a note to say doing well & loves his new home. Griffin means guardian
Neil (Vicki/Shep's daddy)--a message to the Moss Academy which has failed him! Vicki has bad habits--larceny, physical abuse, etc. which she has learned here at FFRC and does not let her dad be the King of the Castle. Vicki needs to come back for a week of remedial training!
RidgeRunR-3 types of aFancy Feast Appetizers. They are safely in a closet, away from Octavia!

Mamie--3 32-pack of Friskies (the cats had started getting into this box!)
Deb11111--a 24 pack of Friksies
Steve & Deb B from KY--pictures of their cats, cat treats, scoopers, sponges, plates, dry cat food, sleeping cute, postie-notes, q-tips, baby food, Dawn soap, magic erasers, lysol wipes, trash bags
Cyndiluwho and Dave--a donation for floor tile 67, a card, plus lots of flannel blankets and fabric pictures.
David H from OH (Birka's new dad)--card and sardines

We also have an update on Petfinders. We had 2,701 hits last week. The top 5 were Sari, Raina, Badu, Tasco and Derby.

Please remember to vote! We are in a very tight contest for 1st/2nd place at The Animal Rescue Site. Thanks for your votes!