Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21

This is a Catathon Blog! Our 4th Catathon is coming up. The date is June 22 which is a Sunday. What is a Catathon you ask?'s something like a telethon. It 100% benefits FFRC and is our main fundraiser for the year. It's an auction telethon! We will have approximately 6 rounds of Baskets--possibly as many as 30-35 baskets total. These baskets all have a theme. We will also have Big Ticket Items. These generally go for 2 rounds instead of 1 round. Lots of extra cool things go into this section.

Phone lines will be open during a select time to take your bid. The highest bid, of course, wins! We will have about 8 people working the phones. We also have many many people volunteering this event to make it work. This event is a lot of work, but it sure is fun and we enjoy it! We will have Basket people, people helping with the cam/computer, the FFRC store, parking, Bid recording people, people that will call the winners--lots of helpers! 

We will also have and encourage visitors! There are 4 main hotels here in Defiance along with a beautiful Bed & Breakfast.  These numbers are:
Hampton Inn                 419-784-1515
Comfort Inn                  419-784-4900
Holiday Day Express      419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel                419-782-8000
Def. Bed & Breakfast    419-956-9981

Pld. Bittersweet Inn       419-399-2861

The Catathon runs from 1:00 to 4:30. It's right there on the webcam. The site is  There will be a BIG pizza celebration for all those who are here after the event is over. 

If you would like to send in any items to go towards a basket, that would be wonderful. I deeply appreciate this. Listed below are some of the baskets already in progress and maybe not completed. You can, if you'd like, make up a new basket title.  We may need to rearrange some items so all fit and make a complete basket. Please, to help us be organized and so we can get pictures of all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items displayed for all to see, please try and have items to us BY MAY 31st. This is much appreciated! It takes time to get all this done. 

Troyer Country Market Basket
Bird Interest Basket
Black/white Cat Basket
Cat Basket (probably 2 of these)
Dog Basket
BBQ/Grill Basket
Kitchen Fun Basket
Wisconsin State Basket
Hello Kitty Basket(maybe 2 of these)
Mickey Mouse Basket
Laurel Burch  Basket (maybe 2 of these)
Nine West Purse stuffed full of great items
Rainbow Basket
Family Game Time Basket
Summer Fun Basket
Older Girl Basket
Young kids Basket
Simply--I Love Cats Baskets
Feel Good/Inspirational Basket

Other suggested basket themes are: Garden, Baby, Sewing, Sports, stationary/cards--the list could be endless (and fun!).

We are also starting to line up the Big Ticket Items. Some of these are:
2 Signature FFRCNation Quilts (extra special items!)
2 Cat Fans
Light House Collector plates
Larissa's painted Harlequin cat/framed
4 books by Simon Tofield--Cat Vs. The World, all autographed and designs by Simon
Awesome Quilts--maybe 2

I know there will be more added to both Baskets and Big Ticket Items as the time moves on! We are just beginning to get organized. Come join the fun! If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. feel free to email me at  Thank you. This Catathon is successful because of YOU, our wonderful FFRC friends. 

And by the way--the cats and kittens are wonderful and doing great!