Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, April15

We had BOXES last night--ever so grateful to you!
Zoolove/Pam--2 cases Fancy Feast
Nona--2 boxes of 2 inch packing scotch tape and 10 cases of baby food!
Shomor/PatriciaM from IL--a really cool sock Kitty and Horse (for catathon or day sales)
Helman/Helen--2000 poly mailing bags, bag of Wellness Kitten, box of black Sharpies and box of 2 inch packing tape
svcathy/Cathy D--for Steve: 2 bags PB pretzels, 2 bags chocolate covered potato chips, 2 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For Volunteers & Staff--2 coyboy dark chocolate almonds, 4 bags chocolate covered potatoe chips, 3 gummie bunnies, 3 caramel bites, 2 bags of Movie popcorn, 2 mini PB cups, 4 bags of trek mix--all Trader Jo's things---yuuuuum!
Lovebugs/Pam T--12 bags of cat snackers, 12 big cans salmon, bag of Purina One Indoor
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--for the volunteers--crystal lite individuals and 3 boxes of assorted teas (can be poured into water bottles)
Gusti, drawn by Wanda using Nikkaross' photos--for the Catathon--drawing of Coralie, Joline & Joyful.  This portrait is absolutely stunning--will be a welcome addition for the Catathon. Thank you!

Today is Kerri Kat's birthday. She is our only long hair black cat. She arrived here originally 2/21/09 and was adopted 3/11/09. Unfortunately she was returned 12/21/13 thru no fault of her own. She's still looking for her new forever home.

Camvie---plain and simple--she loves the dogs. She has for a long time scooted into their room as they go in and out. Now though, she follows them clear thru to the back door where the dogs go out into their fenced in area. She absolutely loves them! The dogs have been discussing adopting her, but I told them if they could fill out an adoption form then they could adopt her. They've been practicing with the pen but I don't think it's going to happen! 

The Covies are back to their wonderful spring/summer/fall Cat's Cove. Lots of smiling and happiness there! We did it a bit differently this year. After putting the final touches on the cleaning Sunday morning, we went back and opened the door to Kitty City to let them cruise about. Late afternoon, instead of calling them back to the Kitty City, Connie called them to the Cove. In they went--one after another! They love their Cove! We now have everything that is in the Cat's Cove all resin material or washable material. We've ordered a cleaning/disinfectant spraying wand. We can then once a week simply spray the Cove down--top to bottom! Will help us keep this area sparkly clean! 

It snowed.  That's right--it snowed and has covered the grass--maybe 2 inches, although Elizabeth says its more like 17 inches! The sun is shining and it will soon be melted. That's good. Steve and I are going to get the new mulch for Albert's Garden and the fresh pebble stone for all the rock areas. We are all so ready for spring to be here.

Bear, our sweet little boy is on hold. I'm so happy for him--he will be going with Ellen and Pat. What a wonderful home he will have!

We made snow today! Yep, from the snowmaking can that we received last week. It really does look like snow. But then we brought in a couple handfuls of snow from outside and had a mini-snow ball fight. 

Take care, everyone and have a joyous day. Enjoy your family, friends and your pets. They are precious.