Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25

Jersey just came over and looked straight at me.  Sat there while I talked to him. That was wonderful! Coz is also right here by my desk. The way to his heart is with snackers! He loves those snackers! Oriah is doing great. She was in the main area twice yesterday. She seems very comfortable in her new surroundings. Oriah enjoys head rubs and back scratches.

Tomorrow is our Day Sale. It starts at 11:00.  We've done a couple previews of some of the items in the last couple days. HEre's a few helper notes about the Day Sale.
You will need to be logged in with your chat name.
This is not an auction, each item has their own price set on them.
It works, as a first "bid", first serve.  (example--if there's 3 items all the same, the first 3 people who put it up on the chat, gets it")
We have designated mods that will print the "bid names" up for us to see here.
Be patient with the time lag. We all have to deal with it! Be understanding.
Please keep chat confined to bids only.  
There will be designated mods that you can PM with questions, etc. 
You can pay by PayPal or send a check or money order. 
We will have a thumbs up and thumbs down for when a set begins and is over. 
Remember to refresh your screen fairly often. 
This is important--YOU need to keep track of what you have gotten! 
Prices and codes will be on each item. Price includes shipping.

We always have fun at these Day Sales. If you have any questions now, don't hesitate to ask me or a mod. We always have a quickie first session, so everyone can see how it works!

We had BOXES last night. THese things are a huge help to us--thank you!
Jobear--thank you card. In honor of her birthday she gave FFRC a Walmart gift card! Also 3 mega bags of kitty snackers, 6 inch plates, 9 inch plates & Clorox wipes
David R--for Catathon--a picture of Sunday Creek in Ohio. David painted it 40 years ago--beautiful
Pat L from MI--2 gal. VInegar, 3 gals Bleach, Clorox Wipes
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from Mi (day visitor)--3 bags Purina One indoor, 2 bags Purina One kitten, Volunteer candy and bubble gum, case of Sheba, coupons
Kerswill--For Catathon or Day Sale--Box full of collectors kitty plates. Also kitty purse, bird clock, book: Cuddle Your Cat. Black kitty shoes and a purple kitty shoes--both MUDD 8 1/2 size, case of Friskies, case of baby food, sardines and 2 pks of long pipe cleaners.  Also an afghan of blues and whites--beautiful!
Eaglewatcher/Beth A from IL--odo ban gallons and the solid odo bans, case of Lifes Abundance and a bag of Lifes Abundance for Oriah!
Karen C from KS--a HB card!  For the Catathon--3 sets of kitty sale/pepper shakers, Fenton Glass--2 kitties, Mousie and bird, 2 cans of Barkeepers Friend
Kathy R from CA--for the Catathon--Kitty hat with movable tail, soft black scarf, kitty sock slippers, 3 locker mirros, Hellor Kitty items, Sphero robot, organizers for small items, Huge eraser, task pads, sticky flags, case of Sheba Pate
Diane/hull--a donation to buy paper towels, baby wipes and whatever else is needed!
Cher F-day visitor--laundry detergent, hand soap, Mr. Clean Eraser, Lysol Wipes, Coach Purse,   hand cream/perfume, cat snackers, candy for volunteers, towels, K cup coffee, Chief slips,  tea
Darcia, Brandan and Nicholas, Day Visitors--yummy homemade cookies, can cat tubs, cat snackers, dog snackers, Magic Mr Clean, lysol wipes, Dawn soap, cat springs, Fancy Feast. Thanks for the service work!
Sue--Fresh Step Coupons--extra thanks
Roger & Trudy S from AZ and kitties--donation for FFRC
Calico17--Kitty Easter Card with donation
Ann F from NJ--donation for FFRC
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Sherry & David W from NY--an Easter Card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI--Easter card with hug and donation
Sheine S & Shawn M--donation/order for store
Anenome--Finland Easter Card
Cheryl L from WA--Easter card
Julie /Aunt Julie--card with 2 walmart gift card for Miss Magenta and stamps for Mama Jacci!!
Patchesmommy/Gwen & Mike R with Patches & Angel from FL--coupone for litter from Pet Smart and a whisker from Patches!
Cliff B from CA--card with coupon for bag of Purina One
Aunty Fi from UK--for the catathon--a rainbow watch
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Arden & Charmaine--donation thru PayPal for Oriah!
Diana D--donation thru PyPal in memory of Paul

Let's talk  Thomas! We all know that when a person or animal has a seizure that it affects the brain cells. Short circuits the brain. Before Thomas was rescued from the hoarder rescurer, he was on meds only intermittently. Then when the good rescuers came to their rescue, they had no idea what cat was on what. They finally found meds for Thomas and he was given them, but only once a day. It wasn't discovered till he had his flight exam to come here that he was to be on TWO meds TWICE daily. This is why he had day long seizures. Who knows how many seizures he went thru with the hoarder rescue person. The good rescuers are Thomas' real heros--getting him out of that situation. I've been told at one time, he was a "normal" type cat---just a CH cat with seizures. But, it's very obvious that things are not normal for Thomas now. He is on 2 meds twice daily without fail. But, his poor brain has taken the toll of not good care before. When he has a seizure now, they are short. I give him an injection and they stop very very soon. So minimal length of seizures. But he does get these "wound up" episodes. Before we couldn't get him to slow down. The good news is now we can help him when we see that he's revving up and he can't stop. There's a difference in him being silly as to how he is with his "episodes". We can see at times that is is going to rev up to these episodes and maybe a seizure coming,but most times not. We now have medication I can give when I see him in one of the "revved up episodes". He settles down nicely after his medication. So.......we're making headway with him! Our goal is to be seizure and episode free. We love this boy and he loves us. We'll work things out. Thanks for caring about our Thomas boy. He is an extra extra special boy.

Someone asked me about Cami the other day. Cami is my black dog--Janie and Camvie's  best friend. Cami arrived here Feb. 2, 2010 with puppies that were born 12/21/09.  We were involved in a dog rescue where 14 dogs were removed from a very bad situation. Cami was 8 years old then.She and most of the dogs had heartworm upon arrival.  She was the first one removed. I picked her up and put her in my truck which was already warmed up for her. It was a very snowy day. This medium size dog weighed 18 pounds, her current weight is 38 pounds. She was so so thin she couldn't stand up. I remember when on the first night I pulled her into my lap she looked like she had no idea what a hug was. I will never forget that. Her puppies were the only thing on this property that had any weight on them. The reason is they probably were scavenging from all the dogs there. All the dogs were chained up except for these pups. We found good homes for them (they were spayed/neutered before adoption)  but I decided Cami was mine forever. Her real name is Cameo because she has value in this life. Thank you for asking about her.

By now, I do believe everyone realizes that Coralie is here to stay. Yes, it's true. There is no way that in my heart I can let her go. She has gone thru so so much--both ears half removed, many toes removed on her front feet, both back legs removed and half of her tail, that I could ask her to also leave this place that she knows as her home. She is officially Coralie Moss. I love her and she loves us. I realize that she isn't too keen to have those rascally kittens and cats too close, but that's ok.  She's a happy cat that gives many eye kisses. Welcome, sweetie girl. 

I am sitting here at my desk, with a white neck wrap. It's Farrah. For some reason she has decided my shoulders are her roost. I'm not going to tell her anything different! Her purring feels good! She's a good friend. Speaking of friends--treasure them along with your pets. Friends are understanding, forgiving and encouraging. Friends can become our chosen family. Thank you for what FFRCNation is all about--friendship among a common love of cats!