Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6

Life is great! As with humans, all of our personalities are so different. Same with cats! We know these cats here and want so much for each to find the right home for them. We know Canton needs a home where there is great love to give--she takes love and she gives love. Whisk doesn't like to be carried about but he loves to be petted. He'd also sleep on the bed with his family! Emma Jo would need someone that doesn't mind her being on the counter--she has a need to see what's going on all the time! Emily--she needs a petter, big time. She requires at least a thousand pets a day! They're all so different which is something to appreciate. 

We had an adoption yesterday. Venus went with her new family. She is going to be one loved on cat! The little girl who Venus is specifically for, is quite a cat lover and Venus recognizes that. A good adoption!

We are in the process of changing our furniture around. The Cat's Cove is in need of furniture as much of the past furniture was in very bad condition. We've been fortunate to have a couple new Kuranda towers that will go in Cat's Cove. Here in the Rescue Center, we've been able to get a very good discount on 3 Activity Center Towers. They're very nice and they're very easy to keep clean. The furniture that was removed from the Rescue Center will go to Cat's Cove! A good thing as it will give the Covies some new furniture for them. We are looking to move the Covies soon. We need some warmer temperatures. We'll water blast it, then dry it out for a day and get it all ready! It's always exciting to move the Covies. We love those Covies!

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Super big thanks to you!
Brenda C--to add to the great purse for Catathon--a tote cover for a Nook, an umbrella that when opened looks like a big flower!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--30 catnip infused balls, 10 packages spring toys, 2 packages of cat crazy rings
Susan345--2 cases (2000) 6 inch paper plates
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 Petstages Nesting blankets (one for the Z's and one for the Center!)
Rebecca & WIllow from UK--yellow bird pillow, metal bird statue, striped pillow, ivory colored 4 birds pillow, 10 LED birdhouse lights, Hello Kitty drink cup
Beca--4 cans KMR
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 from IA--case of turkey baby food
Andrea S & Jan C from NY--Zelda's Easter card, 225 paper plates 6 inch, 2 wand toys, remote controlled mouse toy, 2 pkg. kitty toys, lots of kitty snackers, bag of Purina Kitten, bag of Purina One, 12 cans Purina One (Magenta approved!), 4 pretty blue rigs (2 round/2 rectangles)
Barb W/Phleb--4 bags Royal Canin Kitten
Oilsandsgirl from Canada--30 catnip infused toy balls
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin baby kitten
Abigail B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Patricia K from NY--box tops for Caryn
Connie K from Defiance--donation
Thomas & Linda C from IL--donation with a note
Mary W from Cecil--donation in memory of Georgianna
Phyllis B--coupons
Robotman from CA--note with donation, Rickie Tickie Stickers from the 60's and 70's for the wheel and special kitty whiskers!
Kathy/JustMe, our guest--donation in honor of Bill and Angie
Kathy/JustMe--donation in honor of Jimmy and Lynnette for their dedication to FFRC
Joni from IA, our guest--donation in honor of BIll and Angie
Joni from IA--donation in honor of Jimmy and Lynnette for their dedication to FFRC
Marelizabeth--donation to be used as needed thru PayPal
Heather B from CT--donation in honor of my mom, Eleanor F for her birthday!!
Billie K and her 3 cats from TX--donation for Putter to have a special treat and hug

We had lots of visitors yesterday which we always thoroughly enjoy! They also brought supplies for us!
Amber & family--cookies, catnip bubbles, can food, cans of chicken, powdered KMR, laundry soap, kitty litter, dry kitten food, huggies kitty wipes.
Mary S (Dance Studio Owner)--can cat food
Connie K--RC kitten dry food, Wellness kitten dry, litter, can cat food, trash bags, hand lotion, TP, windex, lysol wipes and a donation
Anonymous Friend--3-3pk lysol wipes, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, 14 bags of cat snackers, 4-12 cup Tim Hortons K-cups
Whitney & Jenni--from Cincinnati--disinfectant wipes, can food, cat snackers, soap--there were actually many items, but their gifts were put away before I could write them all down. But they really helped us refill our shelves. They LOVE Derecho and so enjoyed all the cats and kittens. 

We enjoyed all of our Saturday visitors so much! And so did the cats! We try very hard to keep track of who brought what so proper thanks can be given. I'm so sorry if we've made any errors. Please don't hesitate to email me and let me know!

Coralie is here beside me giving herself a good grooming! Alma is out and about--she is so so determined to do things HER way! Love it. Derecho can now easily get up on the low shelf to watch the birds at close range. Navi has made friends with all the cats--what a sweet girl she is. Many times during the day we leave the door open to Dodger's Pen so Jemima can go in and out. If you clump her babies together now, they about equal the size of their mama! 

Yes, we are aware that Walter has been doing alot of circling lately. It's nothing to worry about. It's part of his how his brain is wired. Right now we're just observing. We're also know that Magenta has been falling more lately. Oh my garsh, we so love this oldster. We always pick her up, give her lots of hugs and let her be herself. We try to protect her but it's impossible to 100% of the time. She's a wonderful cat. 

They did it!  The best breakfast ever! The Dora Explorer's ate their breakfast by themselves! They will no doubt still need some syringe feeding the next couple days, but we're almost there for self-feeding! Many many thanks to both Kathy and Joni. Other than the breakfast that I feed them, they have taken total food care of these 5 babies and have done a marvelous job. When they walk in the room, all 5 kittens cry for them--they recognize them! Wonderful kitties and we're so proud of them! They did it! 

Putter would like you all to know that he is feeling better. His appetite has picked up too. He and I are grateful for your concern. Putter keeps asking for me to post something for him. I tried to tell him maybe he needed to reword his thoughts a little, but he's insistent, so here goes: Putter says, "Don't be a sissy. There are plenty of rude, crude, neutered dudes!  Join the rank of being neutered!".  So.....if you know any intact boys out there, get them neutered!